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the brightest star in the night sky

venus is the brightest thing in the sky, after the sun and moon. because of its orbit around the sun and its trajectory, there are times when venus is particularly close to earth. in fact, there’s no planet that gets any closer to earth, at a distance of 38 million kilometers!

this pic from nat geo shows a trio – venus, jupiter and moon on dec 2008.

now, as bimbotic as this might sound, i was really quite mesmerised by the bright light tonight. AK told some of us that venus was really bright. so i went out of the hall during the last few minutes of night study and stood by the corridor and watched the bright light shine so beautifully.

so forgive me if i feel like saying it’s a star, cos it really felt like a diamond in the sky…. and despite all the darkness in the sky and minimal light pollution, i kinda felt blinded looking at venus…………

here’s MY shot of venus……….. (sony cybershot) – its the closest i could go..

Photo of planet venus, taken from Singapore on the 25th of august 2010, 8pm.

the amazing brilliant white gaze from venus was quite soothing…. and it felt good to end the day with a mesmerising sight-seeing mini-gathering.. 🙂 apparently, the planet is brightest just before a sunrise or just after a sunset. so indulgent it was to watch the bright light become slightly dimmer (but still bright nonetheless).

did you know, that while the earth rotates every 24 hours, venus rotates once eevry 243 days! thats long. and that makes venus one of the slowest planets..

interestingly, because of its rotation, the sun will rise on the west and set in the east on venus. how cool is that!

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