Little Bits of Me

you know, there are alot of things that ppl want to do in their life. im not really into things like sky diving and white water rafting. i might want to be able to fly a plane, but im not going to feel too regretful if i dont get that done before i pass on. cos im just not tall enough, and there’s nothing i can do abt that. what i really wish to do are (in no particular order, none of my lists are)

1. learn driving and own a car. dont ask me why i havent done such a simple task yet. i have my reasons, though sometimes i too wonder whether why. but i look forward to making my car my third home. my second being my home and my first being my sch. nahhh… just kidding.  (Achieved. Got my license in Oct 2010!!!)

2. learn diving. since 2005, have taken a greater interest in marine organisms. it feels to me like there’s a whole new world under the waters of the ocean and i’d really really really just love to spend time with the corals and the fishes and the rays and salps (hopefully one day).  (Achieved. Became an Open Water Diver in July 2011!!!)

3. be an expert in an area. not like im someone ppl would call to give lectures at special conferences and stuff (though that would be cool), but like maybe i know everything abt orcas, including being able to identify species and feeding, mating, etc… know what i mean. of course that would take a lot of fieldtrip experiences, and im not even a newbie in this area yet. but for a starters, ppl in sch think of me when they think of anything dead. 🙂

4. learn sailing/own a yatch/ know someone who owns a yatch or anything TTE and enjoy sunsets of all the places of the world, see lovely stars all night long, and make time stand still and be at peace with myself. (eh, make time stand still? yeah right!(Can’t say i achieved it. but, i did go for the speedboat course, and decided it’s too much trouble and costing for the limited cruising areas in singapore).

5. experience owning and living with a dog. im not quite sure if im capable of doing that, cos ive got no experience at all. but i’d imagine it’ll be nice and i’d like to experience it at least for a while before i die. probably a smaller dog like daushunds (certainly not chihuahua cos i cant help associating that with paris hilton), and maybe when im more comfortable, with a retriever! (Landlord has a dog and a shy one at that. its so fun having a doggy but taking care is definitely a committment!)

5. whoever i want to be remembered as after i die. and to become a tribute to the one who guided me. and to have lived. (i dont know what to highlight here, cos……. its everything)

6. my family. and everything that needs to be done for/with/to my family

i mostly do things when i feel like doing things. thats me. an INFP. i like stability. dont go very well with changes, unless i want those changes.

i do like to read books. but havent done so for a yr already. love Kathy Reichs since 2002 yrs ago, but have since gotten introduced to Iris Johansen, and i love her style more. used to read christopher pike books when i was in sec sch, resulting in my compos always having some sort of bloody gore. was introduced to reading the Mahabharata in 2002,  still love the epic, still more to read and more to understand. bought a book in 2007, which i havent read yet, cos was trying to read Dasavatharam first.

i like alot of thriller/suspence/murder movies and im not exactly a sci-fi/romantic movie junkie. but movies that still make me feel and my fav movies of all times include

1. Message in a bottle
2. Notebook
3. Minority Report / TopGun
4. Phonebooth
5. Eight Below
6. Serendipity
7. Army Daze – Singapore’s answer to NS in the earlier yrs
8. I not stupid I and II – Singapore production
9. Free Willy I and II and III.
9. Roja – best tamil movie ever
10. Kannathil muthamittal – tied with Roja for best tamil movie +many Surya and Madhavan movies + supporter of Kamalahasan attempts to bring tamil movies to a higher dimension
11. Bourne series, Italian Job, Shooter, S.W.A.T, etc

and my all time fav TV serials are

1. Growing up (Singapore’s Soapy production)
2. The OC
3. Prison break
4. Friends!!! –  ive watched the re-telecast too many times and i still laugh my head off
5. bewitched and I dream of Jeannie – yea, i know its old. but im not!

*buy me the DVDs of any season of any of the first 4  for my bd, you cant go wrong… 😉 (BTW, ive gotten all 4 seasons of The OC already – thanks holland villagers, esp Goony)

i love ballads and soft rock. i’m a fan of the late 80s early 90s songs and yeah, i kinds sank into the boyband fetish. but no matter how crazy i was over the backstreet boys, there are 2 songs i’ll always have on my handphone. more then the lyrics, i just simply love the way the musical synchrony makes me feel.

1. Right here waiting – Richard Marx
2. I’ll be missing you – Puff Daddy
3. Every breath you take – Police 

as a child, the song that struck a chord with me was from the animation movie An American Tail

4. Somewhere out there – the one and only cartoon song that makes me feel. the human version. (as sung my Timothy Price and Loretta Kelly)

5. and somewhere along the lines, i fell in love with Jason Castro’s version of Over the rainbow.

my fav tamil song are

6. Yamunai atrilae – Thalapathi
7. Pudhu Vellai Mazhi – Roja
8. Oru Theivam Thantha – Kannathil Muthammital
9. narumugaiyae, nila kaigirathu, poovae sempoovae,

there are many other songs i like, but to say “these are my fav songs”, the first 2 have got to do it.

People i want to meet include

1. Dr Jane Goodall (Met in 2011)
2. Ric ‘O Barry (Met in 2011)
3. Surya and David Beckham (oh so handsome!)

i love sunflowers and how happy patches and patches of sunflowers make me feel. they are the happiest flowers i know. never fail to put a smile on my face. ive never been to a sunflower field. i wish i could one day, that might just become the most peaceful day of my life.

i love being admist bubbles. no so much the UW ones cos that impedes my vision. but the ones the kids play with, blowing big bubbles, small bubbles, bubbles that come off differently shaped moulds. i love them so much, it makes me smile everytime i am among bubbles, even when im pissed off at work by silly agendas. it makes me wanna dance and smile, just the way i feel abt sunflowers.

i do like animals, not so much insects (unless they are dead) – but i LOVE taking macro shots of bugs and stuff. i do have a habit of being too anxious if animals are coming towards me. i would much rather prefer that i approach the animals. cos it gives me a sense of control. guess still not used to being around animals much. but things are different underwater. ive been blessed to see what an amazing world we have underwater and everytime i dive, i feel like im in paradise. its a sense of auditory solitude and it brings me to a new high, which of course naturally means that i start experiencing withdrawal symptoms as soon as 48 hrs after my last dive.

As the song goes,

“Under the sea we off the hook
We got no troubles
Life is the bubbles
Under the sea
Under the sea
Since life is sweet here
We got the beat here
Even the sturgeon an’ the ray
They get the urge ‘n’ start to play
We got the spirit
You got to hear it
Under the sea”

i love dolphins and orcas and whales. i hope i get to see one in person someday (in the ocean, where they should rightfully be). that day will be the best dive ever! a kayaking trip in byron bay make me get close to a resident pod of bottlenose dolphins in 2012. the best sea kayaking experience ever!

i luuuuurrvvvvee unicorns, i think they are the best fantasy inventions ever, if they were never real to start with.. with my constant talk abt tweety bird and bugs bunny (or loony toons characters), ppl are misled into thinking thats what i love most. but no… there is a reason why everything i named online is misspegasus. unfortunately, you wont see me having collections of unicorns at home either because none of them fit the perfect imagine i have of unicorns in my mind. (so ya, dont bother buying me soft toys of unicorns)

i eat every few hrs, and get a little hungry after a meal sometimes. mom says i have worms in my intestines. if i did, i’d be skin and bones by now. i have a tendency towards salty food. i love bitter stuff especially indian style stir fried bitter gourd (eat it with rice and chicken curry – you can eat forever). but i dont particularly enjoy indian saviouries, a little too sweet, except kesari which i love. dont like payasam, jilabi and all alike savouries. i like hot soggy macdonals’ fries, i tend to look out for them particularly. i love swensons’ salmon mushroom baked rice, chicken and/or mushroom flavoured instant noodles are the best, and eating anything while out at ocean watching sunsets and orcas beats anything and everything ive written above.

turning 30 in 2011 made me feel like crap. moving on from the initial check-box of ’25-29′ to ’30-34′ in forms feels kinda shitty. although being with teenagers has made me look and feel younger than 30, the number associated with my age still makes me feel shitty. BUT, i am 30 and i am having the time of my life experiencing the world, and achieving what ive only dreamt of previously – i do enjoy my new found independence. 🙂

ladies and gentlemen, i truly had alot of fun doing up this page. 🙂

but you cant possibly know everything abt me from just a page, so dont judge me.


5 responses to “Little Bits of Me

  1. Patti

    November 2, 2009 at 4:47 am

    You had a lot of fun doing up this page, and I had a lot of fun reading it and catching up with your blog! I love that you post so many pictures! I, too, am a nature lover, and find insects and sea life especially fascinating. As to #5 above, dogs are wonderful and love unconditionally, but they’re also a lot of work! And it breaks your heart when they die. Movies? Have you seen “The Lakehouse”? That’s a pretty good one! See ya ’round!

  2. misspegasus

    November 2, 2009 at 11:02 am

    yea, i saw The Lakehouse. another nice sweet movie….

    though i’d like to claim im not much of a romantic movie goer, i still end up loving those movies! haha…

  3. Srikanth

    June 21, 2010 at 10:09 pm

    Hi ka, pictures are very very fantastic…

    Asusual i dono wat you trying 2 say in this blog ka.

    • misspegasus

      June 22, 2010 at 4:30 pm

      haha… takes time. 🙂

      thanks for visiting the blog though. and do remember what arun and i said before we left ok. take care. 🙂

      • srikanth from trichy

        June 24, 2010 at 9:05 pm

        yes ka.ill remmeber.i wont working on it ka.


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