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the disturbed sleeps and the monster under the bed

its been a week since i had a good night’s sleep. for the most part, i wake up at an odd hour and am not able to get back to sleep. on some nights, i wake up freaking out. and what do i tell myself? “It’s all good. dont worry. there’s a reason for this.”

so hopefully, i will feel better soon. 🙂

it’s all good.

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Religion has become a business

makes me wonder if the ppl in charge of religious institutions actually believe in God or play with ppl’s belief that there is a God.

just saying.

why should devotion come at a price?

should come from the inner self and should be personal. i will not partake in any money laundering activities in the name of religion.

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where do you find the strength when you feel defeated and lost?

forcing myself to stay positive and see this through. i must not give up.

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Believe in Love
Believe in Faith
Believe in Truth
Believe that no matter what happens, you have the power to prevail

Believe in Strength
Believe in Courage
Believe in Honor
Believe that everyone has the power to be good at heart

Believe in Song
Believe in Dance
Believe in Culture
Believe that no matter who you are or where you’re from- everyone is unique

Believe in things you never would
Believe in doing things you never could
Believe in achievement
Believe that if you think you can, you can- but if you think you can’t, you won’t.

Believe in the damned
Believe in the degenerate
Believe in the corrupted
Believe that evil does exist in many forms, but all can be overcome

Believe in spiritual
Believe in holy
Believe in sacred
Believe that your personal values can never be taken from you

Believe in mad
Believe in depressed
Believe in suicidal
Believe that one smile can save a life

Believe in magic
Believe in hope
Believe in dreams
Believe that the unbelievable happens everyday

Believe in time
Believe in forever
Believe in YOU
Believe that as long as you believe in yourself- anything is possible

Chelsea Varvaro




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there’s a thunderstorm in my stomach

as the date approaches, i cant help sense a feeling of doom. no, im not depressed. and everything on the aussie side is settled. but still, you know…

as of last night, the weather report in my tummy is as follows:

lightning risk: cat 5
Wind speed: swirling at 100kn
rain: thunderstorm
flood: potential risk of hitting heights at mouth level

so i spent a while wondering why im so freaking panicky abt leaving, and all along i thought it’s because i was worried abt being all alone in a foreign land. but you can always bank on a good night’s sleep to clear your mind and make you realise that the apprehension is because you dont want anything to happen to anyone you love while you arent around.

mom made chicken curry last night, as per my request, and while it wasnt her best, all i could think of was that someday, i might never get to have her cooking my meals.

would it be too selfish of me to pray that i die before anyone else i love dies?

this whole week has been great. mom’s been smiling, ive not argued with her, things are light hearted at home. and i know that, while we arent the kind of family that openly expresses our love for each other, we do things that are symbolic. honestly, i think things are going to be more strained at home while im not around cos no one talks to each other without going thru me. well, except mom-bro.

so, a visit to 2 temples in the morning made me sit in devotion, where i thought of Amma, and said, “you know everything.”

so while everyone is blessing me to stay safe and pray that nothing untoward happens to me while im away, im praying that nothing untoward happens to my family while im not around.

Dear Amma, please be with them.

(ps: and in the event something does happen to me while im there, i just want to say that i love my mom very much, i wish my bro all the best and i hope my mom and dad can find happiness.)

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Protected: first day of 2012

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heavy hearted

tonight i lie in bed, wondering how im going to leave this place without finding a solution for the one who’s crying quietly in the next room.

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