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the fine that made me smile


did you know you had to put parking coupon at BBNP?!?!?! i never knew!!! i’ve always parked there without coupons…. but guess what! after the hr and half long discussion, i walk back to my car to see a ticket sort of paper flapping around and i knew immediately that i had been fined!!

anyway! the fine was only $6 cos some nice person put a 30 min parking coupon on my window for me….. i mean……. how awesome is that $0.50 act!!!

whoever you are sir, i promise to pass it on when i see another parking attendant and a coupon-less car!!!

thanks to you, im smiling over getting fined!!

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sometimes, things arent always as they seem

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Wish i was part of this Northern Expedition

Organised by NParks with experts and volunteers from almost everywhere, this would have been something really exciting and i would have really enjoyed it.

Sucks not being in SG when exciting times are happening. I missed the conference earlier this year. and this exciting 2nd phase of SG’s marine biodiversity survey. plus the nationwide horseshoe crab census. gahhh….

you can get all the updates on the 3-week NE on this page.

catch a short video update on what the team has found so far.

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of glory in the flower

i havent been blogging as much as i thought i would. next week is the last week of the semester and i realised ive not written much abt how things have been going. and im not about to now. someday i will.

just wanted to share this poem i came across. i dont read poetry and i cant understand most of it. but this one’s beautiful.

Splendour in the grass

What though was the radiance which was once so bright
Be now forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
of splendour in the grass,
of glory in the flower,
we will grieve not,
Rather find strength in what remains behind;
In the primal sympathy
which having must ever be;
In the soothing thoughts
that spring out of human suffering;
In the faith that looks through death,
In the years that bring the philosophic mind. 

 – William Wordsworth –

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wild and wet at townsville

So abt 5am on tues morning, I wake up wondering why the weather sounded to haywire. It had been raining/pouring/drizzling constantly for 4 days prior to tues and we hadn’t seen a ray of sunlight since Friday. I was kinda pleased cos that meant I didn’t need to sweat getting to uni! Clouds fell over the mountains and seemed all misty and winter-y. I liked it. These aussies are quite crazy abt weather (I think the weatherman’s word is like God’s divine words to them). So, each time they say, “the thunderstorm will pass” and all I see if rain like we usually do in Singapore, I wonder, this is a storm?? To them, rain is like a disaster. To me, “its just rain…”

So when weather warnings of cyclone were being given, I thought, well, windier with more rain? Anyway, the cyclone warning was cleared actually by Monday afternoon and we were just expecting rainy weather. So, on Tuesday morning when the haphazard early weather subsided and we stepped out, this is what we saw…

well, that’s the shed behind our neighbour’s house. the trees and plants in our yard were wrecked. my landlord was so sad, seeing that it had taken her 1 yr to clean up and develop her garden after last year’s cyclone Yasi. but, at least we still had a roof over our heads! 9 houses in our street lost their roofs.

This is the bridge at uni. well, its is no big deal. it always overflows with water everytime it rains and its just really fun to take off your flip flops and walk thru it. and this time, the water came with faster currents, so… ;p

anyway, then we ended up with a power cut and have been out of power since (its been more than 24hrs and im pretty sure the food in our fridge is going to spoil, and im gonna spend money to stock up again. but then again, a clinic which had just taken in $10000 worth of travel vaccines couldnt store it in their fridge anymore and had to find urgent freezing locations. so, i cant compare right?). So, my landlord brings out her cyclone-kit, with tons of candles in there. Gas stove doesn’t work. We had to light the bbq grill and put out food in a frying pan to heat it up.

That was at 630pm.

My housemate and I sat down to talk at about 700pm. We talked and talked and talked and talked.  After MANY hours of talking, we looked at the clock and realized IT WASN’T EVEN 8PM YET!!! Anyway, we decided that we couldn’t afford to waste that many hours of the day and so we lighted up enough candles for us to carry on with our work.

anyway, reports was that it was a mini-tornado that lasted for just 10 min, and our suburb was on the periphery of the passing mini-tornado. so, i guess we were lucky eh…

i hope power comes back soon enough. cloud’s have finally cleared, and sun’s out (urgh)… but at least it nice to wake up to clear blue skies. 🙂

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“at least i didnt get decompression sickness”

“shit happens” people say.

but when shit happens to you, it’ll feel like all the shitters in the world aimed their shit at you. :p

once again, this is a delayed post.

the trip to Puerto Galera (PG) ended with mixed feelings. fully organised by the Tattooed Smoker. while the ppl at Blue Ribbon Dive Resort were fantastic, i screwed up quite a bit. i was fine on all the dives except the ones on the 2nd day. Unfortunately.

on the 2nd day, we took a 1 hr boat ride out to Verde Island. Water was real choppy that day. so after my first dive, on the boat, i fell seasick and fed my breakfast to the fishes. the 2nd dive was interesting. currents were strong. so strong that we were told to hold on to something. in my fear that i might just be carried away by the current, i became desperate and wanted to hold something. and the result ended up in 3 of my fingers getting scratched by the coral i didnt managed to hang on to. the current was that terrible. after we surfaced (really choppy waters, like the kind you see in movies), we realised that our boat was the 3rd one away from us. i finned with all my might, reached the first boat, tried to get past the second boat but i got so tired, i hung on to the rope that tied the 2 boats together. bloody dangerous thing to do! the boatmen from both boats were shouting at me to let the line go, but i just DIDNT WANT TO LET GO! honestly, i wished someone would just airlift me past the 2nd boat to the 3rd boat. eventually i found the courage to let go. and finned my way to my boat. on my way in, i knocked my mask onto the bamboo pole which stabilises the boat (which didnt help much cos the boat was rocking at least 1meter high!. argh! anyway, we had a BBQ lunch by a lonely sheltered region in the beach. food was fantastic with lazy beach dogs hanging under the table for any food we might feel like throwing to them. seemingly, doggies like the smell of plankton on our wetsuits! haha. the 3rd dive’s current was even worse than the 2nd dive. so terrible the current that even when i finned with all my might against the current, i was still moving in the direction of the current. imagine that the bubbles from our regulators was not going upwards. it was moving diagonally downwards! strong current! i hardly could snap any shots. we ended the dive in 19 minutes. sucks to be down for just 19 minutes. already feeling terrible, i thought going for the fluorescent dive would perk me up. so all packed and geared up, i went for my very first beach dive. i thought the current was so strong again, but alas, i lost the fin on my right leg. and i didnt even know it until i surfaced and the DI asked where my fin was. OMG! we ended the dive and my DM has to use all his energy to drag me back to shore cos its just impossible to do any dive without fins. i was so embarrassed. and i felt stupid. on the whole, day 2’s dive trips made me feel like shit.

“shit happens” said the Tattooed Smoker who patted my head.

urgh! that day, i felt really horrible.

anyway, the rest of the dives were fine. especially day 3’s dives. they made me feel so at peace, and pleasured that i managed to experience what i did.

at one point during the night dive, we saw this fire urchin moving in one direction, and as we looked further, we saw 2 more isolated fire urchins moving towards the same direction. looking further, we saw 4 fire urchins congregating at one particular place. i stopped videoing the movements of fire urchins and realised my camera was not going to do any justice to the beautiful sight of gathering fire urchins. and i realised that i might not be able to show the world what i saw, but at least i got to be fully involved in the moment. 😀

i smiled all night long. nice live band (not the best, but good enough to chill) complimented the cold night by the beach.

this dive trip was fantastic. apart from a few instances where i realised im not ready to take the rescue diver course. BUT I NEED TO, so i’ll get it done after a few more dives in aussie.

overall the trip further enriched my experience as a diver. i thought i was happy being a follower, but during this trip, i realised it is impt to take over as a leader when time comes. i didnt need to at this time, but Tattooed Smoker (who is a DM in training) had to take over on one occasion where a pair of idiot-divers refused to follow instructions to move up to surface and instead stayed below to take photos. caught in between, i didnt know whether to go up or wait for them. Tattooed Smoker signalled to me to go up and do my safety stop while he went down to tell them to come up again. they still stayed down. and then he took over at the surface while the DM went down to get them. (idiot divers).

so, if/when the situation calls for it, i cant lead, then that would be bad. so, im not going for the rescue dive course just for my module, but also because, its with rescue diver certification that you know how to deal with situations like these and lead the group.

the trip also was my first wreck dive trip. and it was fun going in and under wrecks. my bouyancy control has definitely improved. i now know how to stay where i want to stay and go where i want to go. comes with experience i think. but i still need to figure out how to work with currents.

anyway, enjoy the pictures and videos.

Dive trip @ Small La Laguna Beach, Puerto Galera, Philippines.

Numerous Scorpion fish

Lion fish

Cushion star maybe getting ready to spawn

Numerous nudibranchs, but i totally screwed up the photographs trying to go all macro on them.

macro focus on wrong animal! haha

saw 2 sea turtles

acorn worm cast

pipefish? or pipefish look a likes?

saw a number of sea kraits!!!!

and weird sea creatures


giant clams

sea stars

hermit crabs

entering one of the wrecks

checking out a school of giant trevallys

and the boats along a jetty… all the boats were as such

and here are some of the videos:

fire urchin moving

nudibranch moving

sea turtle moving away

batfish checking me out

octopus changing colour

coral spawning at night!

fanworm opening up

anemone feeding

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Dive Pulau Hantu

2 sundays ago, i went for my first dive in Singapore waters. ppl always say you cant find anything in singapore waters and ive always argued otherwise having done some intertidal stuff and seen many many many creatures on our shores.

but, well, i now understand why ppl would say such a thing. the visibility in hantu is beyond terrible. we had to use a torch light on a bright and sunny day. akin to muck diving. but still, that doesnt mean there’s no marine life in singapore.

i only managed to take a few pictures during both my dives and i must admit, if i go often enough, i’d probably get used to manouvering in hantu waters. the best thing abt the trip?

i saw my first seahorse! and it was just pretty. amazing. it looks like such a delicate creature, so gentle:)

here are the other pictures, and i apologise for the blur shots. i realise my macro function is not good enough.



dont know what fish this is…. might be a frogfish?


and some eel looking thing which someone said might be a large worm? i dont know… it looks like a snake body with a fish head…

check out hantu bloggers for better quality photographs and evidence that there definitely is marine life in singapore. you just got to give it a change. 🙂 you wont find the kind of 30m clear waters around, but, poor vis means less predators hang around, which provides quite a good hideout for alot of other creatures… so… yes, i shall check out hantu one more time when i come back in 2013. 🙂

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