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the benefits of being single

i tried. after 12 yrs of being single, i decided to give this a try. at least i tried. perhaps it wasnt the right timing, perhaps it wasnt the match, perhaps it was just that we are from 2 continents.

but i tried. and at least now i know for sure that being single has so much perks to it. not being emotionally attached to someone makes you worry less.

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some try to forget, some tend to dwell

i will do neither

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real men dont hit girls

real men dont hit girls

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summing up 2014

what a year it has been…

Jan: meh. sch.

Feb: quite a quiet month. sent fenny off for her studies, car hit a car which hit a car 😦

Mar: Completed Rescue Diver Course, Dived in Anilao

Apr: quite a quiet month cos too much work at work

May: Did coral relocation dives at Sultan Shoal and Sisters’ Islands, got my 2-star kayak cert!

June: Kayaked and trekked Kuching, then did volunteer work in Chiang Rai, then flew to Myanmar to see my man after 10 months of distance!!! oh, and cave climbing at Batu Maloi!

July: Coral relocation again! plus my man came to visit for my birthday! ❤ ❤

August: Coral relocation again

Sep: Dived in Perhentian with my lovely man! Celebrated 2 years together!

Oct: Got offered a job at the new school, climbed gunung pulai

Nov: counting down to end the work year

Dec: India trip. and Christmas with his family and it was LOVELY!! 😀

not as exciting at 2013, but still…….. a year anyway……

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my june in 140 words

flying snake, vipers, huge hunstman spiders and centipedes, crocodile spotting at night, fireflies, private beach, treehouse for a night. Maybelline and family, northmost thailand, gossips and learning that teaching english without speaking their language is hard, but not impossible. Disappointed with not trekking in chiang rai, but learnt that green tea smoothie is something I might like. Many tight hugs and long kisses, getting used to stares and spending 9 whole days together. Some days were exciting, some days were normal. And finally my last long walk down that street where he lives . With a long sad look when I finally cross the line where I can no longer hold his hand anymore. Not a single tear on flight because I think, just maybe, we might be able to work thru this one day.


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2013 in review

so once again, i didnt make any resolution for 2013, nor am i making any for 2014… but lets see how 2013 went…

Jan – Welcomed 2013 underwater in Andaman Sea + Trip to New Zealand

Feb – Dived Vanuatu

Mar – Dived Maggie Island!

Apr – First ever real camping trip @ Hinchinbrook + the biggest ever meal ive cooked! for The SB’s birthday!

May – Completion Ceremony

June – BNE trip!! Met his Bro and SIL and 2 dogs! and coincidentally met his eldest brother at the airport on the way back!

July – of hugs and goodbyes + last time at orpheus

Aug – Left The SB in Ghosttown, uncertain abt what the future holds for us, with drammatic crying on all three flights to SG

Sep – Dived Tioman

Oct – not really sure what i did..

Nov – Got loads of opportunities to do loads of stuff………

Dec – Kayak Lake Toba, Trip to HK, Dived Banda Aceh and trekked a part of the Sumatran jungle

well, i suppose 2013 was an eventful year too….apart from missing the SB….

Happy 2014 everyone! Make every day count! 😀

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“cos some days stay gold forever”


“As your body cuts through the air, think of only the things that made you smile, the people that made you love, the ideas that made you strong. Remember, those things will never happen again but they cannot unhappen.”

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