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as time passes you by

it’s been a while since ive written. been too busy with work and when im not busy with work im busy holidaying. just last week i was with my man on a beach, thinking that we would have been together for 2 yrs in 2 days time. in the weeks preceding and after i came back, lots of things happened. which made me think of some life changing choices… choices that i have made since 2010 that have made me a happier person. because life is just too short to remain miserable. this week, i made another choice. why stay unhappy and complain when you know you have the choice to change the circumstance? after much reflection and thinking, i decided to do it. this continues the uncertainty of my man and me. but when the time is right, i think we will work this out. and until then, we will stay positive and keep the faith.

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sharing something i think is important for personal development

have a read, let go and live your life.

20 things to let go of

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the journey is the story of our life

“but Life teaches a lot of things. so the past is nothing to be ashamed of”

the day comes when one incident is no longer the central focus of your life.

i have learnt.


i have it in me to complete this.

i know i can do this.


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Protected: maybe sometimes ‘passion’ is not good enough

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where do you find the strength when you feel defeated and lost?

forcing myself to stay positive and see this through. i must not give up.

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how to write a scientific paper

not that i was arrogant thinking that i knew how to write a scientific paper, but more of the idea that, i thought if i knew the sections, i should be fine. but having struggled with one aspect of getting to a scientific paper, i realised i really didnt know much.

this article on how to write a scientific paper is really handy. even if it is just a lit review or a small research project, this outline will help. i highly recommend this.

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