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among the most unbothered of dive guides

i am so unimpressed with the level of professional service that i am dedicating one post entirely to describing my experience with them. i also would like to say that this was my experience, and perhaps others might have had a better experience, but nonetheless, all you need is one bad experience to realise why some dive centres are better than others. this is my review of SimplyScuba.

Simply Scuba (SimplyScuba) has been operating in SG/Tioman for decades. that they are one of the bigger dive operators in Singapore means they must have grown quite alot and probably have regulars. ive dived with a few dive centres around asia and australia and have just clocked 85 dives (perhaps still young in the dive world, but have some experience). and i must say, SimplyScuba is 2nd bottom on my list after my first experience with them last weekend.

1) They did not check PADI cards for certification levels
2) They did not ask us to fill up any forms, which might sound like a good idea with less paper work, but i wonder who they would have contacted if i was in an emergency. Hmmm….
3) They only did one dive brief, out of 6 dive sites. Perhaps there was no real danger.
4) Dive guides i was with just seemed to want to fin from point A to B, with no real interest in spotting animals and stuff.
5) perhaps because they run dives every weekend, the whole routine seemed monotonous with lack of zest and interest and motivation. it appeared to be more of a chore to an instructor who decided he’ll take a break instead of leading the night of 6) this dive instructor allowed a DM trainee to lead a night dive on her own. I’m not sure if thats allowed, but i’ve always thought a trained DM or DI was to at least follow the trainee to see if her skills are good enough to deliver to students so that students can learn well.

overall, the attitude just appeared complacent and uninterested. and while they checked tanks before everyone jumped into the water, i dont feel safe with their attitude. I’m sure there are fans of the dive centre. largely made up of the cocky divers who think they’ve dived all over the world (cos they dont need to be led by dive guides, and the dive guides are their friends), and the newbie divers who have only been with SimplyScuba perhaps. But if the instructors appear so uninterested, the new DMs that are being trained get terrible role models. Perhaps they are too experienced to consider that being a dive guide is to show the beauty of the underwater world. perhaps they are too ‘up’ themselves to provide a service for divers. either way, i didnt not like the unapproachability of the diver instructors and the unprofessional high volume drinking sessions with open water and advanced open water students before completing all the planned dives. and i definitely did not appreciate the sarcasm and rudeness of one of the instructors, and the unbothered attitude of another instructor. suffice to say i wont be engaging them again.

this is just a recount of my experience.

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dont let the bed bugs bite!!

no amount of light or soft toys can help keep the bed bugs away, like they do the monsters in the closet..

these bed bugs are horrible blood suckers and they are serious abt their job.

dont you think bed bugs look awefully monsterous… like some evil alien here to take over the world bed. indeed they are parasites since they cant survive without your blood.

the females lay up to 5 eggs each time. they are usually translucent, but the matured ones actually look reddish brown, of course due to the volumes of blood they suck…

File:11739 lores.jpg
image from wiki

wow…. microscopes do magic…

as you heard in the video, just like leeches, they inject anti-coagulants to prevent the blood from clotting so that they can suck all the blood they need. once they detach after their meal, the anti-coagulants run out and the blood clots as per usual.

you know, bed bugs actually change their size depending on the time of the day (and as they mature, of course). the eggs are abt 1mm and the REALLY mature ones are abt 5mm. technically, you can see them. so you can get rid of them. but most of us dont bother since we dont have infestations of bed bugs… but do you know, infestations can be so bad that a person can get bitted 500 times per night! now, thats so much blood loss, you might as well have acute anemia for a few hrs!


but not to worry. infestations only happen when you get bedbug transfers from infected content. like pets with bedbugs or nearby places with bedbug infestations.. the pharaoh ant‘s venom is lethal to beg buds, so i guess if you think you do have an infestation, get some ants, leave them for a day or so, and then get rid of the ants…

but you know whats the most interesting thing i found abt bed bugs??

the females dont have any genital openings, so the males pierce through the females abdomen to inseminate the female… ouch! at times, the males even pierce other males abdomen!!! lol… welcome to the insect gay world!


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i had the most aweful dream last night!!!!!

i tell you, its freaking disgusting!!!!!! ahhhh…….. why??? what did i do?? why did i get that kind of dream?!?!!!?!?!?

you see, i was in some sort of ship or something.. and then i think the i fell overboard or something. or maybe there was some natural disaster and many ppl fell aboard maybe. then i hit the back of my head against something hard in the water. somehow i know it was a skull fracture. then the next scene is when the on-site emergency personnel come to do first aid to me. they cut off the back half of my head and said they’ll send me to the hospital A & E. so i said ok. (right at this point, i dont know how i can still be talking when the back half of my brain is gone).

i reach the hospital, by when my parents and other ppl i know (actually cant remember) are there already. i tell them not to worry. the doc arrives and looks at the back of my head with some hair covering it, and says, “dont worry. as long as i operate on you within the next 30 mins, you’ll be fine” so i feel fine since the doc said i’ll be fine. i get admitted (after the doc looks at me!!) and i have ppl i know (i think) by my bedside. and then when i finally look at the watch, its 1 hr past getting admitted. and i get worried cos the back of my head has been exposed for so long. so i send for the nurse to get the doc. the next time i look at the watch, its 2pm. for some reason in the dream, i calculate that its been 4 hrs since the back half of my head was removed. and i start panicking. but the ppl around me have waited so long that their anxiety has turned to boredom. and im so worried that they arent worried abt me…..

i call for the nurse again who gets the doc this time round. the doc says, “look, i have big shots from japan and hong kong that i need to attend to. if you can wait, wait. if you cant, you can discharge yourself and go to a private hospital”

and i look at the doc in awe, and my parents/ppl i know discuss other non-life-threatening issues………… i almost start to cry..

and then i wake up. i look around. i run my right hand from the front to the back of my head – and then i realise its a dream.

and its 725am. and i need to be in sch for a lesson that starts at 8am.


what kind of dream is this!?!?!!?!!!?!? what the hell man!!!!

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Protected: i understand the rationale, but sometimes its just too fake…

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