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my june in 140 words

flying snake, vipers, huge hunstman spiders and centipedes, crocodile spotting at night, fireflies, private beach, treehouse for a night. Maybelline and family, northmost thailand, gossips and learning that teaching english without speaking their language is hard, but not impossible. Disappointed with not trekking in chiang rai, but learnt that green tea smoothie is something I might like. Many tight hugs and long kisses, getting used to stares and spending 9 whole days together. Some days were exciting, some days were normal. And finally my last long walk down that street where he lives . With a long sad look when I finally cross the line where I can no longer hold his hand anymore. Not a single tear on flight because I think, just maybe, we might be able to work thru this one day.


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living in the clouds

what was meant to be a David Attenborough show, turned out to be a perfect weekend getaway. almost an hr from brisbane city, up in the mountains was his brother and SIL’s house. and there were all these things!

fireplace (like real fire with real wood)

DSC07185 - Copy

the cows


the chickies

DSC07172 - Copy

the nice dog dog


the land, and the land and more land….


DSC07195 DSC07221 - Copy

the fog and the mist and Latte in the cold


freshly plucked oranges for juice in the morning


and all the associated mountains and hills

met the bro + wife..  feels weird mtg family when we have no plans for the future. cant really make sense of what that means, or if it is even supposed to mean something. maybe it doesnt mean anything. but it was nice to have met nice ppl. 

thanks to the bro + wife for accommodating us for three nights! it was very nice of them! 🙂

and i wish i could go back again. 🙂

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Ctrl Z

Tahiti, Singapore, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, Norway

166036_10201179408673663_766438189_n (1)

i knew i would meet alot of people, but i had no idea how much i would enjoy meeting ppl. throughout my 1.5 yrs in this ‘holiday’, i have enjoyed every bit of it. even the complains abt ghost town and the stressful part of studying. so much reflection throughout the journey, and somehow, it sort of put things into perspective. and re-validated my new thoughts on living life. i did not go haywire, and i did not lose myself, but, i learnt to experience the world and accept ppl (mostly).

ps: i still hate snobs and would love to be there to see their faces when they do fall.

last friday, we had the international students’ completion ceremony and it finally set in that we are really splitting up. everyone’s going everywhere. and i wont see most (if not all), ever again. thats the reality. fb will keep us connected, but thats as close as we will ever be. 

anyway, i have no regrets so far. and i am still glad i took this step.

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my first REAL camping trip

heee haaa!!!! done sch camps so many times, those arent real camps right… so i finally made this happen! after over a yr in the ghosttown, i made it to hinchinbrook island! with my best bud The SB! 😀 and boy did the trip exceed all expectations!

we so took the greyhound from GhostTown to Cardwell. slept like a vagabond at a busstop on the street from 3am to 6am in the cold. and then had breakfast at a 24 hr shop. and then started walking on our 45min journey to the Hinchinbrook port.


where the ferry guy picked us up and we finally headed over to the Hinchinbrook island!


little did we know that we’d have the entire island to ourselves. 😀DSC06482

first lunch!


setting up camp on the first night. the SB tied rope across. so cool!!!

DSC06504 DSC06506 DSC06507

at the loo with the doors wide open, just because there was no one else around! hehe!

DSC06511 - Copy DSC06512 DSC06522 DSC06531 DSC06541 - Copy DSC06560

many river crossings and lovely challenges. absolutely had fun crossing at creeks!

DSC06561 DSC06621 DSC06659 DSC06715

it was a camping trip that was more than what i had expected. couldnt have asked for a better experience. and am absolutely glad the SB came with me. 😀


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thank you

for showing me this part of living

for being gentle and patient

and for putting my comfort ahead of everything else. 🙂

Happy 6 Months!


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“i counted down to 2013 underwater!”


now how many ppl can say that! hehe!!!

i didnt go on the MV Peterpan liveaboard FOR the countdown, but since the trip was scheduled over new years eve, why not!

and then on our first dive on the 1st of Jan 2013, we tried to do a Happy 2013 formation UW… see how that turned out!

so this was quite a special trip, with the most luxurious liveaboard vessel i’ve ever been on. i mean, the only ones ive done so far are with the JCU DC and the cheapest one off Cairns. so… this was pretty good. good food, good crew, good dive buddy group and good number of dives for me to practice my dive skills. and, good number of dives for me to experiment with UW photography.

we had the main VIP room to ourselves. poor guy slept on a looong cushion so that the 2 of us girls could use the double bed. Thanks YK!


wonderful crew, captain, cook, and fantastic dive sites! and good experimenting with 2 cameras UW!

Enjoy the pics, and i promise to keep practicing and improving! 🙂

2012-2013 North Andaman Sea Liveaboard on MV Peterpan

DSC03982 DSC03983 DSC03987 DSC04074 DSC04098 DSC04117 DSC04137 DSC04146 DSC04268 DSC04308




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no more ‘new yr resolution’

so, i couldnt remember what my 2012 resolutions were and decided to check. realised i didnt make any! my last resolution was made in Dec 2010 and was fairly straightforward. just that, seeing it through was a pain-in-the-ass (just any resolution)!

so in honour of all ppl who fail to keep resolutions and are proud to admit it, i hereby declare that i wont make any more new yr resolutions, and instead review what ive (actually) done in the previous year and rate myself. hehe..

so… here’s a summary of 2012:

1) Jan – Dived Philippines

2) Feb – started uni

3) Mar – Dived the all so famous GBR (and really wasnt as spectacular)

4) Apr – Sheesh…. i cant remember anything from April! :p

5) May – Dived the world famous S.S. Yongala and it was spectacular!

6) June – Trip to Cairns + Kuranda + Atherton Tablelands + Port Douglas + Mission Beach

7) July – Trip to Central Australia to South Australia + Byron Bay (where i dropped my oakleys when my kayak overturned, but WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW DOLPHINS!!!!!!!!!!!!)

8) August – Movie nights + posh lunch dates on a wooden bench under a tree + posh dinner dates at Stockland

9) September – Castlehill!!!!

10) October – Continued to freak out abt my Lit Review

11) November – Dived GBR from Cairns

12) December – Dived Andaman Seas

who needs a new year’s resolution when the year can be so eventful without even planning for it! 😀

Rating for 2012: 5 out of 5! Well done Vanitha! Keep it up!!!

and to everyone else in the world, may your 2013 be just as eventful or even more! 😀 Happy New Year everyone!


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