what we stand for and its hypocracy

03 May

i just spent a weekend watching ppl throw cooked food remains and pieces of bread into the ocean so they can see the fish scurry up to feed. some white bellied sea eagles scooped in on the action too. i think we shouldnt feed wild animals. and i told the dive instructor not to do it and he jutted back with a “why? you tell me why?”

his tone made me reconsider why i made that request to not feed the fish. afterall, The SB didnt stop when i told him to not feed the stray dogs. he said it’s good karma.

perhaps it’s my view that is wrong. on a liveaboard, we shower and the soap water goes into the ocean. food scraps get thrown into the ocean too. i need to eat. and the remains get thrown into the ocean too. who am i kidding?

so is it wrong to feed the fish and the dog?

i think i wont tell ppl not to feed animals anymore, cos i myself am not perfect.

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Posted by on May 3, 2015 in i-Reflect


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