i blame the hormones for the confusion

10 Feb

there’s so many things on my to-do list this yr and im having a hard time prioritising cos i want the ‘wants’ as much as i need the ‘needs’..

i wanna get a kayak, a house, the rest of my dive equipment, dive komodo with my man but he cant come so im wondering if i should do it another time but then im getting a really good discount for the liveaboard so i wanna go, a robot sweeper for my mom, a birthday surprise for my man that wont happen this yr cos i wasnt able to contact his housemate early enough but then again he doesnt know his schedule past the week so there wouldnt have been any point but anyway i decided i shall go next yr even though his birthday doesnt fall on a public hol next yr, a few mountains to climb in malaysia and indonesia, a weekend to plan for in KL, a june trip to see my man, a higher need to save money cos i should prioritise my house but also dont want my life to hit a standstill…………

plus i met 2 of my man’s colleagues today to collect something from him……. and a casual conversation make me suddenly feel like i might be a spoilt brat… i mean, these are ppl who are slogging it out in various conditions around the world, and here i am saying yangon is not optimal….? look at me!?!??! sigh……… just one of those days…

was gonna ask K out for a talk, but that woman has developed a fever. good! that will force her to rest!!

im blabbering…….. but thats ok. it’s my right to blabber in this space if i want to just cos i dont want to blabber to ppl abt something so mundane.

ok bye now…

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Posted by on February 10, 2015 in i-Blabber


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