back in the real world

22 Jan



i think the picture says it all. i dont particularly feel like adding to this picture.

it’ll be nice to have something to look forward to coming home, except that, all my options have ceased to exist.

it would be nice to come home and see the person i’d like to see, but that cant happen.

right now, i feel like im floating around, and am desperately trying to ‘find myself’.

i want to be in a job that gives me time to do something other than work all waking hours.

i want to be in a home and not a house.

i want to live in a place where i dont have to hear abt problems everyday.

i want many things. but i suppose i should be grateful that i have all the things i need. air, water, food and a roof over my head. it’s all a good like anyway. whatever happens happens… i dont dare to have expectations because expectations are accompanied by disappoinments. *bleargh*



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Posted by on January 22, 2014 in i-Blabber


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