2013 in review

01 Jan

so once again, i didnt make any resolution for 2013, nor am i making any for 2014… but lets see how 2013 went…

Jan – Welcomed 2013 underwater in Andaman Sea + Trip to New Zealand

Feb – Dived Vanuatu

Mar – Dived Maggie Island!

Apr – First ever real camping trip @ Hinchinbrook + the biggest ever meal ive cooked! for The SB’s birthday!

May – Completion Ceremony

June – BNE trip!! Met his Bro and SIL and 2 dogs! and coincidentally met his eldest brother at the airport on the way back!

July – of hugs and goodbyes + last time at orpheus

Aug – Left The SB in Ghosttown, uncertain abt what the future holds for us, with drammatic crying on all three flights to SG

Sep – Dived Tioman

Oct – not really sure what i did..

Nov – Got loads of opportunities to do loads of stuff………

Dec – Kayak Lake Toba, Trip to HK, Dived Banda Aceh and trekked a part of the Sumatran jungle

well, i suppose 2013 was an eventful year too….apart from missing the SB….

Happy 2014 everyone! Make every day count! 😀

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