all the shit in the world

29 Dec

ive been reading alot of shit news recently and its making my heart palpitate. i try to ignore it, but i know im a little anxious abt what is to come. perhaps ignorance is bliss. i would do better when i just dont know that shit is happening.

bunch of my students have been to mount stong. this guy did too, and he died falling off a slippery edge. i like trekking mountains too, and that could be me someday. and then the double gang rape in india…. i mean, it happened in a city i was in before. that could be me someday.

im not sure whats causing this i-dont-want-shit-to-happen-to-me phenomenon. frankly, i dont know if im anxious because i feel sad that shit ppl exist or because these shit ppl might get to me. it’s probably the latter. murphy’s law is real. it’s just a matter of time before my luck runs out and shit gets to me.

recently saw a video on first world problems. and a boy says, “i hate it when i tell them no pickles and they still give me pickles” and the boy’s face says, “give me anything, i’ll eat it”. ppl have no food or water in the world! thats the shittiest shit! no house, no roof, no comfortable toilet. children are bring killed, raped, forced to beg, made into prostitutes. generations are affected from chemical pollution. ppl want each other’s possessions. no one is happy with what they have. its never enough.


and it doesnt help that my man is a million miles away and is completely unaware that i think shit is going to happen soon and i cant see him look at me and say, “you’re thinking too much”…


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