honing my leadership abilities

29 Oct

im starting to get a bit nervous abt my position in my new sch……….

shifting from a “lets make this work” kind of sch environment to a “but, cant, cannot, i dont think so, but then” is quite different for me. So far, i reckon i have only led teams where the ppl will do their best because we are all in a team together and we want to make it work. this sch seems to be a bit of a ‘leader needs to set direction, otherwise i wont do anything’ kind of place.

i would probably do well to stay quiet and do nothing. unfortunately i have already opened my mouth and made a statement in front of all the staff. probably wasnt the best first introduction. sucks shit.

i think this sch will teach/train me to professional in leadership rather than lead a team of friends who have the initiative to make ideas work. who have the ownership to solve problems rather than just highlight issues.

lets see where i go in this sch.

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Posted by on October 29, 2013 in i-Lead


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