fear of the unknown

22 Sep

i like things to be known and planned. of course for the occasional pleasant surprises or for events that arent that big a deal dont really matter. but recent few concerns have been on my mind.

– was thinking of buying a HDB and moving out (for a few reasons), but also thought renting out 1 or 2 rooms will help with mortgage. but im under 35, and cant buy a flat on my own which means i have to get a condo which i just cannot afford.

– so dad just reminded me that my car loan will be completed in 3 mths…. and my COE will be over 2 yrs after that. should i sell my car now while prices are still high? but i’ll have to buy another car, and a more recent car will cost high too….

– havent bought a new phone because i dont want to sign contract because i dont know where i’ll be in 2015.

– and 2015 plans may or may not involve the SB and that uncertainty is unnerving too. the uncertainty of dec 2013 is already messing my brain up, im not sure i can hang in there till 2015… :/

– both mom and dad are getting frail. i should take care of them. i should, which means i cant leave sg, which means i might as well wait till im 35 and get a HDB and get a car and phone too.

can i not think of all these and just live like i wasnt planning for tmr?

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Posted by on September 22, 2013 in i-Worry


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