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01 Sep

its been more than 1.5 years since i last stepped into a classroom to teach. this cheesy advertisement wasnt produced when i first started teacher training in 2004/5. it came out the year i decided to take a break from teaching. i remember telling my colleagues, “im very disillusioned. let the newbies take over, those who have been conned by all the fables that MOE spins on the prospects that teaching brings”.

truth is, there are very few jobs that give you this possibility and opportunity. it wasnt the students who made me feel disillusioned and tired. it was the bosses chasing awards and getting us to fulfil their KPIs that made us work extra hours to fulfil our own KPIs that made me superbly pissed off at all the image that is portrayed of teachers not doing enough to help students become better. but the fact is, educating children is a passion because i believe in the value of being a teacher.

a promise im making to myself today before i start work tmr. im not going to work for my bosses and i will say no if i dont think it’s going to benefit my students or if i know that its going to take time away from my students.. i’m only going to focus on being a teacher to my students. staying on the ground and being with the students means more to me than climbing the ladder to make ridiculously stupid policies just because a new education minister or a new superintendent or a new Director of Schools wants to leave a footprint in his/her career

off to make a difference to a new batch of kids!

on an unrelated note:

no one needs a holiday as much as one who has just had one. i miss aussie already –  now that im back to all the hustle and bustle of busy old SG.

“The world is hard because you may wake up today but not tomorrow. And yet no one will accept “fear of death and a futile existence” as a reasonable excuse to miss work.” – I Wrote This For You

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