pride and achievements

08 Aug

there’s something very heartwarning abt watching kids train and practice hard for something and then perform it on the day. when i was netball tr in charge, watching the girls train, struggle through matches, have hopes dashed and still do their best in the next match, their sportsmanship won me over. when i was tr in charge of sjab, seeing them train for first aid competitions, their effort in doing their best, their disappointments when they dont achieve what they wanted, their excitement when they do better than expected… 

National Day parade is the highlight of all UGs. for weeks they train their footdrills and with the whole sch watching, they lead the day. i dont recognise half the kids in the video below… and then there are the occasional vague faces to which i cant assign names anymore. but still seeing this video, i remember how it felt to be a teacher to kids and how satisfied i felt knowing the kids were proud of representing their unit.

so while im determined to play hard-to-get in my new posting, the voice in me has been screaming out to email the principal and to work out stuff. i fear falling into the trap where i spend hours and hours and hours doing meaningless work to satisfy bosses’ KPIs. all i really want is to be with the kids and see them grow. there’s someting really heartwarming abt being a part of their discovery years and knowing you can make an impact in the way they think, grow, learn and develop. maybe i am a teacher at heart afterall. 🙂 and just learn to be honest abt what i think is worthwhile and to be pragmatic abt it rather than emotional.

time to email my new principal.


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