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05 Jun

Tahiti, Singapore, Germany, Papua New Guinea, Sweden, Norway

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i knew i would meet alot of people, but i had no idea how much i would enjoy meeting ppl. throughout my 1.5 yrs in this ‘holiday’, i have enjoyed every bit of it. even the complains abt ghost town and the stressful part of studying. so much reflection throughout the journey, and somehow, it sort of put things into perspective. and re-validated my new thoughts on living life. i did not go haywire, and i did not lose myself, but, i learnt to experience the world and accept ppl (mostly).

ps: i still hate snobs and would love to be there to see their faces when they do fall.

last friday, we had the international students’ completion ceremony and it finally set in that we are really splitting up. everyone’s going everywhere. and i wont see most (if not all), ever again. thats the reality. fb will keep us connected, but thats as close as we will ever be. 

anyway, i have no regrets so far. and i am still glad i took this step.

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Posted by on June 5, 2013 in i-Happy, i-LiveMyLife


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