Inhumanity and God

11 May



Hindus, and i believe many other religions, believe in the concept of Karma. whatever you do, it comes back to you. and Hindus believe in reincarnation too. sometimes, it’s so twisted that you may say that bad things are happening to you because you must have done something bad in one of your incarnations. and that the bad things that happen to you are happening to wipe off the sin you committed in your past incarnations. i dont know if there were past incarnations of me. and i dont know if i should believe the astrologer who says that this is my last incarnation. all i know is that i have this lifetime. and i believe that whatever happens to me in this lifetime happens to grow me into a better person. but getting brutally raped and violated or tortured by another human just because im not one of them is something i could never accept as punishment to a past sin. even if i was a murderer in my last lifetime, i should be punished for it back then, and not in some other lifetime. that theory could merely be a rouse by the oldies to warn ppl from doing bad (since bad things follow you for generations, or so it seems). i dont see how punishing someone for a sin committed in past lifetime works out to be fair. does it make any sense that someone would say that you deserve to be tortured because you murdered someone in a lifetime he has no memory of? that seems more vengeful than anything else. i guess what im trying to say is that i cant see any divine reason that would justify someone being tortured. being raised a Hindu, i dont know if im wrong to say what i just did. but like everyone else, we have perspectives and questions abt things that sometimes dont add up. 

perhaps, God is one who is a figure of hope in situations like that. a focal point that maybe there will be a way out some day.

i call myself a believer. but if i were that Jewish prisoner, i would have said the same thing. 

just saying.

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