Final semester in GhostTown

23 Feb

so… i still havent been to Crystal Creek, i still want to go to Airlie Beach, still no chance to do PNG!

i still havent done a wilderness camping trip. just cant seem to get connected with ppl who are able to go on the camping trip. lol… i feel like laughing actually. gahhhh! and i still havent dont hinchinbrook hike!

i still havent gone on a sailing trip, still havent tried to surf, i want to take a trip down to Melbourne…

there’s so many things to do….. where am i going to find the time… ahhhhhh………..

of course, this clearly shows ive got my priorities wrong in this entire masters course! lol.. nahhh… i could never give up on education. and while im not the most impressed person going into this semester, im gonna try and take it all in and give it my best shot. 🙂

also have less than 5 mths to be with The SB. afterwhich, we will see how things go. but…….. have learnt to trust that if things are meant to be, it will be. so…. ive calmed down alot and will see how things go with us.

final semester in the GhostTown: will be the best 5 mths yet. 😀

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