the “6 week – 8 days in Singapore” update

18 Jan

so, im off in a few hrs for a massive 3 week trip. its the biggest trip ive planned, bringing 3 other people with me, i feel like im a teacher responsible for a bunch of kids on an overseas trip. haha… i think ive covered almost every aspect of what i’d need to do with my kids:

1) briefing with stakeholders family members
2) personalised file complete with trip itinerary (with timing, accommodation, telephone numbers of accommodation, checkpoints if group is split) + flight tix + road trip route
3) photocopies of passport
4) budget and total cost
5) did a brief risk assessment (noted areas of pit stops and nearest medical services)

the one thing i didnt do, is to issue acknowledgement forms and indemnity forms! LOL! i will enjoy the trip, but, having to be the IC of a trip shoulders extra burden. and one of the most impt parts of travelling should be that each person is independent and capable of taking care of themselves. so… this trip does make me feel a little like teacher-in-charge kinda thing. haha.. gonna be a nightly brief on the next day’s agenda, and giving instructions on getting up and leaving and packing and stuff. urgh..

anyway, time flew in the “6 weeks – 8 days” that i was in SG. had good time mtg up with friends and ex students. perhaps one of the few times over the many years that i feel like i am also moving forward, just as the students were. doing my thing, discovering myself, experiencing the world. my first batch of sec 1 kids are now 19 yrs old. my oldest ex student is now 22 yrs old. i obviously cant say im still 21yrs old ya? haha…

i went back to kss for N level and O level results, and met with colleagues too. had a good chat with Uncle Chandra, standing with him at the security post for 45 min! haha. he’s a well wisher and i am glad we kept in touch. seeing the staffroom brought back bitter sweet memories actually. i hated the agenda-driven atmosphere that the sch had become over the last few yrs. but, i really miss the camaraderie among the colleagues. i miss standing infront of ppl and giving instructions. i miss organising and planning and most of all i miss my students and i miss being with students. but i will be posted to a different sch next yr and have chosen not to request any particular school. i just hope they dont post me to a place where i have to get stuck in a traffic jam every morning and evening!

one of my friends has gone to HK for work on a 2 yr contract. im starting to get the hang of ppl leaving me. i think ive started to understand that it is not me they are leaving. and that everyone has their own agenda and purpose and hopes in life that they want to fulfil. so, im treasuring the moments i have with them while they are with me. someone once told me long long ago, that “friends are like waves, they come and go”. well… maybe they do…

surprisingly, i didnt eat as much food as i thought i was going to gorge up. didnt realise how much aversion i have towards oily stuff now. i think once you’ve seen what a reduction in oily food does to your body, you just dont want to go back to that old lifestyle. mostly stopped potato chips. i didnt even feel like having the hot n spicy calbee potato chips that my bro illegally bought and hid in my room (cos my mom hates me eating salty food). fast food doesnt interest me as much. so im much healthier now. i wish i toned up more, but, well, my workouts werent that intense.

most of my “6 weeks – 8 days” also went to completing 1 report and writing 2 new reports. setting my deadline to be today, i must say i didnt think i’d actually make it. well, i didnt actually make it, but im close to having it done. and will be finished over the next 2 weeks. i think i learnt alot abt report writing and i think learning is what is most impt when it comes to education. 🙂

of course i managed to find time for my horseshoe crabbies… 😀 went for both the sessions for the period that i was in SG and i miss the mudflats, i miss the stench! i miss having my brain blank for the few hrs… haha!!! i love my horseshoe crabs!!!! 😀

on another note, things fell right back to its usual state at home (usual state = well…. depressive state) its been a little weird at home though, feels like im keeping things away. not that i usually tell them everything either, but i feel they arent ready to hear what i might be thinking. perhaps quite selfish of me. but…. they do matter to me, and i hope they will one day be ready to accept that i may or may not stay in teaching, or that i may or may not decide to stay in singapore to work, or that i may or may not choose to spend a little more time overseas, or that i may or may not get married, but that i AM happy to be living in the moment…… i just need them to understand that i want to keep my options open and that i will cross the bridge when i get to it. as much as i understand that they want to see me settle down and get married and have kids. but…. the rest of my life is abt me and i dont want to do something just to make them happy and then feel like im stuck in that position long after they have passed on…

so, im off tmr for one of the biggest trips and after that im running straight back to The SB in the GhostTown… ❤ 9 weeks apart was sad, i cant imagine being apart for 52 weeks…… :/

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