results day

10 Jan


so i went back to kss today to see my 2nd last batch of students collect their results. i still have one batch doing their O levels this year, but, i wont be going back to kss once i start work in july.

i stood at the back of the hall, those who hadnt seen me in sch yet were surprised to see me, its been a while since.

i stood there reminiscing abt how much ive grown actually. i feel like ive become less affected by matters affecting students. SL and YW said maybe thats cos i havent been teaching those kids for a yr. maybe. but maybe also because ive realised that getting too affected by factors you cant control isnt going to enrich your life. by all means, try different ways to improve your pedagogy so that we can educate more kids, but……. at the end of the day, it really is a case of “it take 2 hands to clap”.

having said that, it the first week of lessons. and on tuesday, Fenny said, she’s tired and needs to go to sleep. and i told her how my first day of sch in 2011 felt like i had completed a month’s worth of work. seriously, by the end of each day in kss, your body feels like it has not rested in a while, yet the trs still push themselves to work, every single day. starting the day optimistic, but ending it with nothing much a sigh of relief that the day is over. yet, all these effort by trs isnt recognised by ppl who say, “need to improve their grades, we need to hit autonomous”

seriously? education isnt abt grades. its abt teaching the kid to do his best in whatever he’s faced with. and if his best ends up with a B3, so be it. i dont like this elitist standards where ppl say A1 is the only acceptable grade.

sure, i set targets for my kids too. and sure, my targets for most of the kids are nothing below an A2. cos i believe in them and i know they are capable of hitting it. doesnt mean that if they dont, means i didnt do my job.. (or does it?) haha…

anyway, it was good catching up with more trs. its the first time ive been back in kss when the entire staffroom was filled and i was a little overwhelmed. so many colleagues to say hi to… but it was nice to see all the energy in the staffroom. i miss teaching and i miss what i used to do for the kids. it was a little mundane at times, but i enjoyed what i enjoyed when i didnt have to settle bosses’ work. lol…

good luck to the kids in their future endeavours…!

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