“i counted down to 2013 underwater!”

07 Jan


now how many ppl can say that! hehe!!!

i didnt go on the MV Peterpan liveaboard FOR the countdown, but since the trip was scheduled over new years eve, why not!

and then on our first dive on the 1st of Jan 2013, we tried to do a Happy 2013 formation UW… see how that turned out!

so this was quite a special trip, with the most luxurious liveaboard vessel i’ve ever been on. i mean, the only ones ive done so far are with the JCU DC and the cheapest one off Cairns. so… this was pretty good. good food, good crew, good dive buddy group and good number of dives for me to practice my dive skills. and, good number of dives for me to experiment with UW photography.

we had the main VIP room to ourselves. poor guy slept on a looong cushion so that the 2 of us girls could use the double bed. Thanks YK!


wonderful crew, captain, cook, and fantastic dive sites! and good experimenting with 2 cameras UW!

Enjoy the pics, and i promise to keep practicing and improving! 🙂

2012-2013 North Andaman Sea Liveaboard on MV Peterpan

DSC03982 DSC03983 DSC03987 DSC04074 DSC04098 DSC04117 DSC04137 DSC04146 DSC04268 DSC04308




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