Reactive vs Preventive

28 Dec

So, India has decided to name and shame the rapists. i guess its something any court is allowed to do when giving press statements. perhaps except when the victim is a minor?

but, i dont quite see the purpose in releasing addresses of the rapists. given the intensity of protests going on now, im pretty sure the famillies of these rapists are going to be tormented by members of the public. In an unforgiving culture where families are shamed the misdeeds of family members. i wont be surprised if we hear news of some of those family members committing suicide.

then again, naming the rapists would alert friends who know where they live anyway and that information will spread regardless of whether the Media publishes their addresses.

its a sad case and i just wish the govt will focus on proactive measures on protecting the rights of public who stand up against such bullies. maybe ppl who do stand up against these social bullies get whacked themselves (like we see in Indian movies) and maybe thats why ppl generally dont want to get involved in any such issues. there’s so much to be done, in such a big country. its hard to expect a population of billions to follow rules like the majority of us in SG do. we are small, and have been trained to obey or be charged. it will take decades of a  consistent govt to reinforce regulations without bias to change things in India.

but hopefully it will.


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Posted by on December 28, 2012 in i-Reflect, i-Sad


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