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shame on the bystanders

feels like this has been bothering me quite a bit. the gang rape on a medical student in Delhi has left me utterly disgusted at the rapists, and more so, at the bystanders who had not an ounce of humanity in them to cover the girl who was thrown out of the bus half naked.

i am not living in India and perhaps there are subtle rules that girls are supposed to observe in public – but, my first reaction if i see a girl lying naked on the ground (or a guy for that matter) is to cover the person with something. anything, whatever. all the girls in India who wear a punjabi suit would have had a shawl on them. no girl had the decency to use that to cover her. seriously? lost for words, and still disgusted, and i think the world is really unfair and can be really screwed up at times. i am not taking this well. i really am not.

the girl is recovering and stable and i more so than anything else want to pray for God to donate some brains and heart to the public, to not treat her as though she deserved to be raped, to not treat her like she must have lured the boys in, to not treat her like she is a slut, and to not look at her with eyes that say since she’s got raped by 6 boys, maybe she wont mind if i touch”.

i am not happy abt this at all. we are not here to hurt ppl. we are here to bring joy to others. no one deserves such a story in their life. not even a prostitute. you convict the rapists, what abt the bystanders who did nothing?

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