is it more important for a leader to be morally upright or be efficient in his role as the leader?

20 Dec

i feel quite sad for MP Michael Palmer – his private life was exposed and he kinda had to resign. the mistress’s name was publicised and she resigned too. not saying that what he did was right. for ppl who feel affairs are wrong, he obviously made a wrong judgement call. so many ppl have affairs. why is it that a leader having an affair is more wrong than a layman having an affair? the comparison itself doesnt seem to be grounded on moral values. such a distinction is based on public appearance, which itself is faulty, dont you think?

i asked my friends this the other day, and as teachers, of course this is put in the context of a school system, and one of my friends said, “of course lah. a principal having an affair is worse than a teacher having an affair right?”

and i said, “one’s not worse than the other, they are both wrong”

how is it right that consequences of an immoral mistake differs with regards to the professional standing of an individual? that means that consequences vary according to the perspective of the person assessing the case. that introduces too much personal judgement.. no?

that said, personal life and professional life shouldnt be mixed.

although if a person is immoral, he’ll probably be immoral in most aspects of his life. (maybe thats why he had to resign?)

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