poles apart, miles apart

15 Dec

likes coffee/tea, i never enjoyed it

listens to Opera, i’d probably rather cut my ears off

likes rock music, i hate it

likes white chocolate, i like milk/dark chocolate

prefers to eat strawberries with cream, i prefer to eat strawberries with choc fondue

doesnt understand why ppl like to take photos of food, i love taking photos of food

doesnt like soup, i love soup

doesnt munch on food before meal time, i snack all the time. i even snack before a snack

not a fan of Indian food, i love Indian food

is anti-mcdonalds, i love Mac’s breakfast range and think that their fries are absolutely the best in the world

watches documentaries and world news, i watch fixed up reality TV shows (basically anything brainless)

enjoys cowboy movies, i have no interest whatsoever in them

is alot more practical and grounded, im just an all emotional skeleton-and-flesh creature. i think do with my heart

is prim and proper and disciplined, im the messiest person i know

is organised and systematic, im the most haphazard person i know

is never late, i reckon ppl will wait anyway if im late

sets specific times to do specific things, i do whatever i feel like doing whenever i feel like doing it if i feel like doing it

has strong ties with his family, i wish i had stronger ties with mine

is born in the 70s, im born in the 80s (sorry man, just had to add this in)

we are poles apart in many things (maybe thats why they say opposites attract), and right now, this person is 3240 miles away and is being missed very very very much by me.


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Posted by on December 15, 2012 in i-Love, i-Miss


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