the cheesiness that stems from missing home for 10 mths

04 Dec

so im heading home in a couple of days………


*long pause*

my mood hasnt been fantastic. dont know why. *long pause*

to be honest, living away from my family feels so burden-free. sucks that i feel this way. i shouldnt be feeling this way, but…. *long pause*…..

perhaps it is all the pretense i have to come up with that is making me feel anxious. looking forward to it, but im also not looking forward to it.

but….. i guess i should focus on the positive. afterall, i have lived there for over 30 yrs…. i should be used to it…

looking forward to catching up with all the folks who have been missed. and friends who have missed me.

looking forward to mom’s chicken curry, and sambal cod fish and sambar and everything else! hehe…


channel 5’s “Come home to 5” jingle

i miss The Noose!!!

i miss the wonderful night lights and how the city is still alive at night where we can take leisurely walks along the water front and take in the sights and sounds.

back to housing flats so close that it sometimes feels like the whole of SG is one housing block!

and i get to drive my car!!!!!!!!

miss kranji mudflats and my horseshoe crabs! and this sing-along after International Coastal Cleanup 2010 brings fond memories!

and contrary to what i would like to think, something abt working in a sch still brings back weird memories. this post-it note containing stuff i had to finish is a list of things i had to finish within the day, and it was a school day, which meant i probably didnt have time to get started on this list till 4/5pm at least. more or less seems like a typical day. lol.. non-teachers say teachers arent busy? ha.. well, i wasnt just a teacher in a normal institution. i was a teacher in if-you-have-time-to-eat-means-you-have-time-to-do-more-work kss. but, to be honest, the adrenaline i felt everyday was really energising. this Ghost Town makes me feel like im brain dead most of the time. (i think its just tsv). ;p

headed out to grab ice cream from woolys on a sunday with my housemate at 6pm, only to his dismay when i told him, “Woolys is closed. Coles is closed too.” 6pm, the town is closed. and we ended up going to good ol’ reliable McDonalds.

anyway, have started packing my stuff and i have a few days off before i head home. i feel 2 ways abt leaving this place, cos i have to face reality back home. things havent changed much. but anyway, its good to see friends and catch up with mom so, its all good. im going to miss this place very much because of one reason. The SB. and im pretty sure as soon as i leave, i’ll be counting down to coming back to this ghastly Ghost Town.  haha!!

looking forward to seeing all of you back home!!

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