a million and one things i could do today

02 Dec

730am now – sitting at the table outside the kitchen in orpheus island. i leave for SG in 4 days time. ppl ask me if im excited, all of a sudden, i dont know how to respond. i thought i was, i am i guess. but, there’s also the opposite feeling of leaving this holiday.

its been a hard semester. fought feelings of wanting to give up so many times. i never did. even when my morale hit rock bottom. (did i mention the rock bottom was a hollow tube?) im proud i didnt give up. just reminded myself of the reason why i wanted to do this msc and while fantastic grades would have affirmed my existing intelligence, there is no doubt in my mind that i go back home with more knowledge and experience that i had when i left for aussie.

so as i sit here, thinking of the huge task of packing my clothes and suitcase, mildly happy that ive finished most of my tasks for this semester. still have my special topic. but all i can think of is how fast the past 10 mths have gone by. and hopefully thats how fast the next 6 weeks will go by. time flies. it really does.

i promised myself that i wont want to live a life filled with regret. and im glad anyway, that i embarked on this journey no matter how shitty this semester was.

its time to start packing my luggage for returning home. gotta be strategic in packing cos there are stuff i can do without in this Ghost Town.

i should shower – it would have been a long ride from Orpheus island.

i should start checking up on subjects for next semester.

i’ve to confirm my dive trip in 3 wks time. havent booked accommodation and activities.

i need to check with MOE abt my possible posting.

need to check SingTel bill.

need to look into car loan payments.

need to calculate how much my bro paid for stuff so that i can pay him back.

need to continue working on my special topic report.

need to wash my gear and do my laundry.

need to look into alternative accommodations and consider which makes things easy for both parties.

a million and one things i could do today. but, im just going to go home and shower and rest and wait for The SB, just because i dont want to be apart any longer than i really have to and my brain just refuses to do anything else.

countdown: 5 days to home.

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