memories from 2011

03 Nov

So,  was trying to find a certain post i made in 2011 – that led me to scan through my posts and some of them brought back so much laughter, even the horrific memories made me smile, i thought i’d bring them up again. 🙂

1) the first day of sch and its usual mess and i was leading the team who were in charge of the day 1 programs. first day of school and it felt like i had reached dec 2011.

2) 2 students came to be with an advanced math question and asked for help and i said, “i’m smart enough to do this” and wouldnt leave until i solved it. it took me 1 hour!

3) the first time in 2011 that i went home early. and early means home at 713pm. but it was a good day, so no complains.

4) this post in april was written in the midst of having to set 4 exam papers, mark prelim papers, prepare 2 reports and invigilate and teach and do extra lessons – and the best part was, i had to be in a mtg. haha!

5) General Election! and this was one of the most successful spoofs (and by that i mean not shot down by the govt)

6) i was deciding whether to post my pre-perth trip or to put up the story and i think i’d go with the “story in 6 words” cos reading it made me smile more than the pre-perth trip. but, can cheat a bit with hyperlinkling lah!

7) certified OWD!!!! :DDD

8) my desk in sch was one of the messiest and i had finally found a legitimate reason to keep it that way!!!! hehehe!!1

9) getting towards the end of the year and close to the exam month – most of the trs are worn out by now and complaining abt the students who are still sleeping (the same bunch of ppl we still try to motivate and push) -and we wonder sometimes, why we even bother abt them. exhausted and still pushing

10) October – the month when i got news from JCU that i was accepted and it was the month that all the graduating class trs have been working for – the O level exams.

11) November: the month that ppl started finding out that i was leaving. and i wrote this post with all my heart – because having been a teacher was something so meaningful to me.

12) was waiting to receive my cousin who had landed from Norway and i remember seeing this scenario of a kid running to receive her mother – only to know she was still behind the glass pane. i love seeing how families miss each other and hug it out. families bring one of the best memories.

one of the reasons why i still keep this blog – reminds me that nothing lasts forever. bad times, good times, memories are all that remain and thats one reason why i like to keep talking abt nice memories. cos thats my way of reliving them. 🙂 cos some things just stay gold forever. 🙂

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