the positivity that positive ppl exude

21 Oct

i must have mentioned my ex-landlords a few times on my blog. i can never say how much of a blessing it has been that they were the first ppl i lived with in a foreign land. i cant even begin to say how much of a blessing in disguise it was that the dorm i applied to said there werent any vacancies. living with them was a stark difference from what i have been used to at home. the love, care and concern, lack of judgement, and full on encouragement and more importantly, their unconditional affection for each other made me feel like they were family in this place i call Ghost Town.

today, they tell me thru sms that they were leaving for Melbourne. it read, “Tonight, can i ask you and Ki to please be positive about us moving to Melbourne soon. it is a big shift for Brent and me and he needs lots of encouragement. the house may look pretty empty as we have been very busy packing. please do not say it is sad”.

i was sitting on the bus heading over to their place for dinner, and almost cried in anger. i kept telling myself, “they are not leaving me. they are just leaving.” i try to psychoanalyse myself to try and figure out what it is that makes me over-react to ppl (whom ive built a relationship with) leaving. i just cant seem to pinpoint a childhood incident. i just get very angry at the idea that ppl can leave and there’s nothing i can do abt it.

i reach their place and put on the biggest smile i know. honestly, that house is one place where i know no sadness or feelings of misery. both of them have gone through some hard times, struggling with Brent’s health condition and Val having to sort work and house between hospital visits and mortgage issues and open houses. She’s always said, “it’s all abit of a challenge, isnt it?” with a huge smile on her face. “but it’ll be alright. it always has been.”

its great to be around positive ppl. i had grown to believe that good things cant happen, and if they do, its because something bad was going to happen thereafter. i think im worse than a pessimistic person. but for the past 2 yrs, ive re-worked my ideologies and figured, i didnt want to live my life in regret or a regretful life. that i want to go out and experience the things ive dreamt of doing. and coming to this house with Val consistently saying, “You’ll never know if you never try” always reinforced my newfound belief.

they raised 2 great sons who have inherited their principles of “just get out there and try. do stuff experience things. learn, fail and re-learn. its ok to make mistakes.” kinda stuff. and i feel so happy that i got to meet their sons too.

they never fail to say something that will make me sort out my thoughts. having these 2 ppl encouraging me with positivity has been such a different experience. something i used to give others in SG, but never really gave myself. that house is one place where i know i can trust to get advise for the betterment of me. their sharing of experiences and just general warmness had touched me since day 1. and while its really sad that they are leaving for Melbourne, i am ever so grateful to the entire universe for bringing us together. i think things happen for a reason. this one was definitely to remind me to smile, even in time of adversity, cos even bad time dont last forever.

Cheers to Val and Brent. I wish them all the very best! 🙂

(with all pun intended: looks like they’ll make it to Melbourne before my current landlord does!)


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2 responses to “the positivity that positive ppl exude

  1. hamsterwen

    November 3, 2012 at 10:31 pm

    And u can go over to Melbourne to visit 🙂

    • misspegasus

      November 4, 2012 at 6:44 am

      lol! i couldnt make out your name! hahaha!

      Yea, will probably do that. 🙂


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