the end of the sch year

12 Oct

photo credits to SLWM

the end of year in a sch brings so much relief. this is a photo of the graduating batch of students taking one of their last mock exams.

this photo was also taken on the last day of the end of year exams for the sec 1-3 kids. its marking time in kss. which means it is also the time trs start to curse and swear and realise that for some students, all the year’s effort has come to naught. haha!

i swear my blood pressure rose when i taught! i started teaching with low bp. and when i had my health checkup, i was at normal bp!

the things you repeat SOOO many times and yet they dont get.

and then you have the students who were your star students, who also end up being the ones who made the silliest of mistakes, causing them to fall to the next grade. but then again, there are those that improve too.

honestly, i dont miss marking at all. but to be fair, i do miss all the hype. it does feel like im so much freer here. although, not necessarily stress-free. its just different kind of expectations. over here, the expectation is on myself to be the best i can be. but in teaching, the stress stems from wanting to teach well enough for the students to learn. and when you are responsible for someone else, that stress is alot higher. at least, i think so.

(im so not looking forward to going back to work from this ‘holiday’ im having now!!)

anyway, its the time of the year and i wish all the graduating students all the very best. study hard. this is the last few weeks before your Os! Good luck and be confident! dont panic!

Especially to my dearest Sec 5s and SJAB kiddos! All the Best!!!

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