opposite ends of the spectrum

10 Oct

a ‘family’ got up on the bus i was in today. the kid ran to the back. the father walked up towards the back, with his finger pointing at the kid. “f***ing hell, you better stay within sight. come here!” he pointed at the seat, diagonally behind me. “sit down!” he demanded.

a teenage girl came up and asked the man if she could drink what she had held out for him to drink. “NO!” he said. and the kid responded, “you’re not allowed to drink on the bus”. the teenage girl replied, “i dont f***nig care”

i became uneasy.

throughout the journey, the man used profanities to talk to the kid. at one point, he said, “sit down properly. otherwise you are going to fall. and then i’m going to f***ing laugh at you. you are going to fall and smash your head open. and i’m going to f***ing laugh for 10 minutes. and then maybe after that i will care”

i feel so disturbed hearing a parent talk like that to the kid.

on the flip side of the coin, i hear a mom everyday almost begging her kids to do things. almost begging.

i understand using the words ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ are good manners, but, the way she uses it on her kids sends me the impression that she’s almost begging them to do it. the way the kids demand that she speaks to them with respect is just plain rude. like my housemate says, “he deserved to be slapped”.

a totally different scene from what i witnessed back in 2009.

while thinking of both these situations, suddenly, i missed my previous landlords. ppl who live by example. ppl who adore each other, even at that age. ppl who may get angry with each other, but know their faults and value the relationship enough to keep it going. ppl who talk nicely to each other. they brought up 2 great boys who do things for their parents because they want to. not because they have been begged to. stuff back home isnt all that great, but living with my previous landlords made me feel like good families do exist in the world. and being away from that positive environment kinda sucks. if not for the fact that the rent im paying now is saving me alot more money, i’d actually prefer to go back to them. that house may not be within 1 min to the busstop, may not have a pool, may not have internet, but, it is a house filled with so much love and peace and encouragement. it was nice to be a part of that family. i’m so glad ive formed a relationship with my previous landlords. one that we mutually respect and care to keep going.

here’s a short video, part of Australia’s campaign to show parents that children follow their example.

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