research question questions

02 Oct

as excited as i was with getting to do my own simple pilot project this semester, that is not going too well. i am so stressed over coming up with a research question and im left with 1 mth to figure this whole shit out.

chatted with M who is also stressing out with her project. gosh…. i mean, exciting is one thing. but getting to the point of figuring out your project is one hell of a hellhole. 😦


i feel like im reviewing literature aimlessly. i am doing lots of reading, but im not assimilating the information (i think). cos from the near 100 papers ive read so far just for the project, i should have gotten an idea of what to do! but i still dont.

i wish i was still an undergrad – and then i wouldnt feel so stupid asking my supervisor for more assistance. as a postgrad, you kinda need to have alot more stuff to discuss, rather than go to him and say, “what can i do?”

i keep trying to tell myself to stay positive, cos worrying abt it isnt going to help the situation. but….. urgh…. im gonna need to finalise my shit soon!

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Posted by on October 2, 2012 in i-Blabber, i-Sad


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