living with half a brain

15 Sep

This is a long over due response to a mistake i made in one of my comments.. i should have done enough reading and research before concluding something as neurophysiologically impossible..

thanks to ppl who pointed out, im now very curious as to how these ppl accomodate the lack of half a brain…

this condition called Rasumussen’s encephalitis is a rare neurological condition that causes neurones to misfire  – causing seizures. the following story is of a girl who was diagnosed of this condition at the age of 3.

the same girl 3 yrs later on a talk show in january this year.

another condition called Aicardi syndrome occurs when the left and right hemispheres of the brain are unable to connect with each other. here’s a story of a kid who went through this.

in both cases, hemispherectomy was conducted, and it was shown that living with half a brain is possible.

all that i thought i knew abt how the different hemispheres control specific parts of our coordination system is changed. apparently, the brain is able to learn and adapt.

this girl born with only the left side of the brain functioning is actually able to see like we do. it appears that the optic nerves and associated nerves transmitting images from the right side is actually re-routed through the left and has vision like any healthy person!

im amazed with how living things adapt to physiological demands to survive. find a way around, otherwise, you fail to sustain your line of genes. and the most fascinating thing about stuff like these is that these cells just know how to fix themselves!

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