times when you know you have a bit of time

09 Sep

seemingly it appears that im a little free this semester – contrary to how i thought it was going to be. not that i dont have work to do, but i set my own deadlines for 2 modules, which means i get to procrastinate till a time when i realise i can no longer procrastinate. hopefully it wont be too late by then. even if, i hear many ppl say you can always ask for an extension – which, trust me, is not motivating me to get my ass moving.

so anyway, being a little freer this semester also means i can catch up on my readings (and by that, i am by no means referring to scientific papers).

check this out:

1) this post on understanding happiness made me burst out in laughter. i get the whole idea of the post in the first paragraph, but subsequent paragraphs just seemed as if it was a psychotic on the break of telling you that if you arent happy within the next 5 seconds, she’ll snap your spinal cord! haha!

2) also 13 ways to lift your mood on a bad day. humour really helps sometimes. probably what i needed on that really bad day i had at the beginning of this semester! lol..

3) saw a passing meteor on saturday. my first. one of those simple moments in life when you see a galatical phenomenon, that even after the excitement passes, makes you still smile. you know what? Life is short, we should try. 🙂 try to enjoy the journey and open ourselves to whatever happens and let go of expectations sometimes.

4) give into your true nature.

5) on a separate note, ive not dived in 4 mths. i probably wont be diving till nov. thats 6 mths altogether. thats the longest ive stayed out of the waters since i started diving. sooooooooo……………. im really really really excited abt the trip we are looking at. trip to an island off the coast of Kavieng. i hope the dates fall in place cos for many reasons, this is one trip i am looking forward to. 😀

6) on another separate note: “Whatever you do, hold on to hope. The tiniest thread will twist into an unbreakable cord. Let hope anchor you in the possibility that this is not the end of your story, that change will bring you to peaceful shores”

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