free time for play time

17 Jun

it’s amazing the kind of things you see when you slow down your pace everyday.

it’s not that we dont have this in SG. kids do play and kids do scream and run around (probably not as much as i used to when i was younger, just like how that must have been less than how the 60s and 70s kids used to play). but you know when you head to work before the sun is fully up and you go home when the sun has fully set – you really dont get to see the cheerfulness of these kids.

i guess that was why i used to enjoy watching my students play frisbee in the parade square in school. it was one of those sports where everyone just joined in and ppl were playing cos they enjoyed the team work and the interaction (and probably even a good sweat) – eventually the frisbee culture turned into a “im a cool kid cos i play frisbee” and “oh look i can throw it this way and that way too, can you?” kinda thing. but still, it is always nice to take a breather and watch kids play, cos for most part of the time for most kids, thats the most carefree time of their lives.

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Posted by on June 17, 2012 in i-Miss, i-Wish


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