in all truthfulness

21 May

Crap shops are my favourites. That’s what I call those shops which sell all sorts of memorabilia. They are just fun, you want everything, but don’t need them.

We walk in, tired after 5 hours of shopping but all in a good mood. and my friend points at this purse, white base and colourful flowers in 3-d.

“that’s totally you!”

“ok, im not THAT happy a person” I reply, still laughing at the thought of me carrying that sight of colours.

“what!?!! You are the happiest person I know!” she says.

Struck by that sentence, I turn around.

Read my lips, trace the lines on my face, catch the subtle signs of my body. You will realize that laughing with the world is the one way I can escape the reality of my emotions.

If I may analyse myself, perhaps im over compensating for what’s lacking.

But this pretense is what sees me through sometimes. at the very least, i can smile and laugh with the world when im with the rest of the world. and for that moment, that laughter experienced is still a laughter gained.

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Posted by on May 21, 2012 in i-Reflect, i-Wish


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