Touching a piece of history

16 May

it was one of the places i told myself i MUST visit! i thought i’d go on my first trip out, but alas, turned out to be my 2nd trip, 2 weekends ago.

the S.S Yongala was a ship that sunk in a cyclone 1911. all 122 people on board died. and was one of australia’s worst tragedies on the sea. perhaps its inappropriate to exclaim that a century later, the life that’s gathered on this shipwreck is amazing. but, it really is. it has the hugest fishes (not including sharks)! i didnt manage to capture them on camera cos they were mostly under/inside the cabins of the ship. and as a piece of protected heritage, divers werent allowed to go inside the wreck or under the wreck. the skipper said, “the bubbles released from divers will accelerate the decay of the wreck”.

here are some of the photographs. i tried to work on the white balance, but im still figuring out what’s wrong and why i still needed to use a flash. it just sucks. David, a renowned photographer from Triggerfish Images was with us on the trip and I DIDNT REALISE IT UNTIL HE SHARED HIS PHOTOGRAPHS ON FB! (can i just kill myself!)

anyway, here are some pics.

a bleached coral… :/

lots of rays! i loved the rays!

here’s one of a marble ray creeping past beside me. i think he just caught a prey! 🙂

a pair of eagle rays escaping into a school of fishes

plenty of sea snakes. true sea snakes. those with flattened tail ends. we saw then in mid water, on the surface, on the wreck. one of the snakes even bumped into a diver’s chest! ha..

a few resident turtles…. green turtles and hawksbill!!!

schools of fishes were aplenty!

school of barracudas

school of trevellys

S.S. Yongala was fantastic. though i must admit, i miss asian waters. so many things ive seen in asian waters that i have not seen here… but still, any day diving is still better than not diving. and for that, im grateful for another safe trip. probably wont be having any more trips till the weather warms up, cos its too cold for me now. so…. 🙂

cheers for now!

Photo courtesy of Alex. 

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