the little things at Home

03 Apr

things are going fine in OZ Land….. but, it doesnt mean im not thinking of home.

unlike my mom who, together with her best friend, celebrated the 1 month anniversary of me not being around. kanasai! haha…. was i that terrible? and she has the nerve to tell me what food they were going to have when she knows ive been on sandwiches everyday/everynight! so today is the 2nd month, and i think this weekend, they are going to meet up and ‘celebrate’ again! humph!!!

anyway, i miss going home and shouting “sapudu” which means “eat” in tamil. i should be saying “saapaadu” which means “food”. but that’s just one of the things i do, which my mom then retaliates by sayin, “work, food, work, food” what else does she know?”

i miss calling ‘maaaaaaaaaaam’ and then when she replies, “what?” i say, “nothing”. and i do it again 3 minutes later.

i miss that i always decline eating food/fruits that i dont like to eat (but mom always says “its not abt the taste. its abt its nutritional value”) and while i’m opening my mouth really big to say, “nnoooooo i dont wannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn”, she finds the moment approriate to stuff the food/fruit in.

i miss praying at my alter. i miss temples. i miss the smell of sambrani.

i miss the chicken curry she makes. i miss the cod fish sambal she makes.

i miss carrot cake, chicken rice, hokkien mee, rojak, prata, etc i miss the convenience of coffee shops. and i miss bandung and lychee drink. i miss sweet talk! omg i miss ice kachang and i miss honey dew sago. and i miss swenson’s salmon mushroom baked rice!!!

i miss my bed, and the privacy of my room. i miss having my own attached bathroom and i miss not needing to share my bathroom with anyone else.

i miss how convenient it is to not need to plan a time for groceries shopping cos NTUC is still open at 9pm. and even if its closed, the convenience stalls at petrol stations are always open.

i miss watching The Noose, Point of Entry, and i miss watching crime watch. catch up tv isnt available in my region. 😦

i miss singlish. ppl here dont know that our first language is english and they are all appalled at how fluently i speak english. so i explain to them our system and when they ask, “so singaporeans dont have a native language?” i reply, “we do. we call it singlish. its a mixture of english with mandarin, malay, tamil, and bits of other chinese dialects.” but of course, they dont get it. and after a few weeks, i get tired of explaining and i just say, “yes, english is my first language”.

i miss how predictable the traffic lights are. i still havent figured out how they work here. its annoyingly inefficient.

i miss finding dustbins every 50 metres and i miss finding a 7-eleven around the corner/or at least a place where i know i can get something (just for the sake of it.)

i miss the street trees that provide shelter. and i miss that ppl dont look at me weirdly if i use an umbrella for shade instead of shelter from rain.

i miss having lockers in my university. even primary sch classrooms are fitted with lockers. How is it possible that JCU doesn’t have lockers? Seriously?

i miss teaching. i miss interacting with students. although im not particularly missing some of the other shit that came with teaching, i still miss being in a class and educating students. but i absolutely do not miss marking.

i miss having something to do at 8pm cos this place is dead after 700pm.

i miss the fact that i didnt do for the ACRES Animal Welfare Symposium. and i that i missed the crucial nationwide horseshoe crab population and census survey. i miss the stinky muds of kranji mudflats and i miss semakau and chek jawa. and im gonna miss the International Coastal Cleanup this year.

and i absolutely miss not having to explain that not all singaporeans are chinese. haiz…

im not exactly homesick….. we are all grown-ups here and we know what we got into when we decided on this.

but i still miss home.

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