wishes for 2012

01 Apr

i know i cant say im poor. but i can say im not as wealthy as i wish i was?

cos i have like this whole list of things that i would SO love to get, and wouldnt it be nice if i got them as *coughgifts*, say, *coughearlyBirthdayGiftcough*

for example, ive been looking at this hoodie for 2 yrs now, and i really really really really want it…

but you know if thats too expensive, and too much to ask wish for, i’ve been wanting this for a long long long time too…

and then ive been really wanting to get a new dive log book cos ive run out of pages in my previous book. although i do log my dives online, one of the nicest things abt the logbook is to get the DC’s stamp! so…

so here’s the book i’d like to have

and would like to wear one of these on my dive trips too… you know, it just fits the occasion..

Brass Pendants 1 - Click Image to Close


Liquid Silver Pendants - Click Image to Close

i’ll just add the website just in case you know youwanttobuymesomething i cant find it next time…

i need to get a new pair of fins too cos ive been getting blisters but that would require me to personally try on and decide, so i’ll leave it out of this list.

and i also would like to get an underwater housing for TX-10 cos im not happy with the macro function of my current UW cam, but i can adjust the white balance in my TX-10 better. 🙂

so anyway, yea… i just had a bit of time so i was wondering abt all the stuff i’d like to get have and wouldnt it be nice….

ps: anyway, just in case you are interested in getting me something out of your very own free will, well, send me a msg so that i can tell you if someone’s already gotten it for me ya… (the SeaShepard hoodie is booked by 2 friends already, so you can skip that one)

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