wild and wet at townsville

21 Mar

So abt 5am on tues morning, I wake up wondering why the weather sounded to haywire. It had been raining/pouring/drizzling constantly for 4 days prior to tues and we hadn’t seen a ray of sunlight since Friday. I was kinda pleased cos that meant I didn’t need to sweat getting to uni! Clouds fell over the mountains and seemed all misty and winter-y. I liked it. These aussies are quite crazy abt weather (I think the weatherman’s word is like God’s divine words to them). So, each time they say, “the thunderstorm will pass” and all I see if rain like we usually do in Singapore, I wonder, this is a storm?? To them, rain is like a disaster. To me, “its just rain…”

So when weather warnings of cyclone were being given, I thought, well, windier with more rain? Anyway, the cyclone warning was cleared actually by Monday afternoon and we were just expecting rainy weather. So, on Tuesday morning when the haphazard early weather subsided and we stepped out, this is what we saw…

well, that’s the shed behind our neighbour’s house. the trees and plants in our yard were wrecked. my landlord was so sad, seeing that it had taken her 1 yr to clean up and develop her garden after last year’s cyclone Yasi. but, at least we still had a roof over our heads! 9 houses in our street lost their roofs.

This is the bridge at uni. well, its is no big deal. it always overflows with water everytime it rains and its just really fun to take off your flip flops and walk thru it. and this time, the water came with faster currents, so… ;p

anyway, then we ended up with a power cut and have been out of power since (its been more than 24hrs and im pretty sure the food in our fridge is going to spoil, and im gonna spend money to stock up again. but then again, a clinic which had just taken in $10000 worth of travel vaccines couldnt store it in their fridge anymore and had to find urgent freezing locations. so, i cant compare right?). So, my landlord brings out her cyclone-kit, with tons of candles in there. Gas stove doesn’t work. We had to light the bbq grill and put out food in a frying pan to heat it up.

That was at 630pm.

My housemate and I sat down to talk at about 700pm. We talked and talked and talked and talked.  After MANY hours of talking, we looked at the clock and realized IT WASN’T EVEN 8PM YET!!! Anyway, we decided that we couldn’t afford to waste that many hours of the day and so we lighted up enough candles for us to carry on with our work.

anyway, reports was that it was a mini-tornado that lasted for just 10 min, and our suburb was on the periphery of the passing mini-tornado. so, i guess we were lucky eh…

i hope power comes back soon enough. cloud’s have finally cleared, and sun’s out (urgh)… but at least it nice to wake up to clear blue skies. 🙂

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