my first liveaboard!!!!

20 Mar

and it was at The GBR!!! I was bloody excited! Haha! I was overly anticipating this last minute decision to go on this trip, knowing that I was not supposed to overspend. But anyway, I went.

I vomitted once on each of my previous dive trips. I travelled on vessels numerous times and I pride myself for not getting seasick. But with the thailand trip and philippines trip, I vomitted once each. Ive lost a bit of confidence in myself! Haha… so, off to the drug store to buy seasick pills (just in case) before I went to the boarding place. I was early, but breathing the cool evening air admist the lights of the city was great!

Ppl eventually came and we started talking, boarded the vessel and listened to the captain’s really long briefing abt boat procedures and diving expectations. Of all the times ive been on a boat, this is the first time the captain actually did the briefing. I can see he takes pride in his vessel, Kalinda.

So I stayed on the upper deck most of the time. Thats the way I like it. It was cloudy and couldnt see as much stars. BUT, it was a full moon night (and there was a full moon party on Magnetic Island, but the dive trip definitely tops it!) and the radiating light from the moon and the colours of the clouds was magnificent!

I eventually fell asleep on the couch! Haha…

so sunrise eventually came, and off we went. 4 dives on the first day at Wheeler Reef and 2 dives on the second day at Davies Reef. It was my first time seeing stingrays! They are so cool! Haha! As I finned over to take photographs and videos, all I could think off was, “dont be so stupid and do what steve corwin did!!!!!!” haha! There were many white tips, but I couldnt snap them all.

To be frank, I enjoyed the philippines trip more than this. Maybe with all the anticipation, my expectations were like really high. but still a day spent diving is better than any other day not diving!!

Here are the pics (still cant photograph UW properly!)..

Giant clams


there were so many stingrays in the lagoons, it was beautiful!


humongous sea cucumbers – like really huge!

after all that foraging, they need to shit too right? here you go…

dont really know what this is, but ive seen it before… im a lazy girl.. havent had time to sit and read marineanimals books..

brittle stars

spotted just a few nudis

I finally managed to get a partial shot (a shot nonetheless) of comb jellies, with ‘disco’ lights! Believe me, when you see it underwater in the dark, its PURE MAGIC!

i didnt take this video, but, it was a simpler/less exciting version of the jelly in the video

Overall, the trip was nice, and I met nice ppl. Currents were still strong, and the surface was choppy… unfortunately im still not strong enough to fin against it. I think of rescue divers as ppl who are capable of actually rescuing others. And im not going to do it until I myself dont need to be tugged back to the vessel if the surface is rough. Sian! And unless I get rescue dive certification, I cant be on the jcu dive register and until I get on the register, I cant do volunteer diving for research ppl! Sucks!

anyway, it was lovely docking with the sunset over castlehill…. and i am happy. 🙂

next: S.S. Yongala. 😀

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