its what i pray everyday that i wont have to hear.

29 Feb

over the last 2 days, i heard ill-fated news from 2 friends from uni. the kind i pray i wont have to hear with regards to me.

one guy’s grandmom passed away, the funeral was yesterday. he was close to her. she was old and he says it was probably coming, but still, a close relation lost is still someone lost forever.

another girl’s dad passed away, suddenly, yesterday. he was young, had no indications of illness. she got call from her mom and her face just changed immediately. she broke down. she flew back to the US today.

how can anyone handle such news, just 3 weeks into the start of uni? ppl come over expecting life to be fantastic. for these young adults, its like the time of their life. and news like this comes.

what can you say to her? a young 21 yr old girl loses a parent. forever. what does that mean????

its what i pray everyday that i wont have to hear.

cos even at my age, i dont think i can handle that.

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Posted by on February 29, 2012 in i-Sad


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