Singapore, a century ago

19 Feb

The inefficiencies of the OZ Land have left me wondering. Wondering why a developed country doesn’t need to be as efficient as Singapore.

Many buses ticketing systems are not electronic. The commuters board, tell the bus driver where they want to go. The bus driver tells them how much and the commuters pay cash to the bus driver who has a tray of coins and dollars. From the time I was born, Ive never seen such a system. That must have been before we used to drop coins into the long tube.

The most popular mode of mobile internet is the internet stick we used to use 1 decade ago. Wifi hotspots are rare. At McDonalds and some coffee clubs. Mobile data plan is available, but the telecommunications lines appear so flimsy that connection is intermittent. Internet speed is so slow that I cant hotspot it to my computer and run 2 websites at the same time. Oh no, I cant even run a 30 sec video on youtube cos it take 30 minutes to buffer.

Wireless routers are available on campus. And also provided by telecommunications providers. But, they impose a limit. Imagine going to uni and before you reach the end of the month, they tell you that you have used up your mobile data for the month! O.M.G.  when I told the service staff that I used to have internet 24/7, she looked at me with eyes that wondered, “what the hell for?

The (dim) street lights here are for the purpose of lighting for insects and creepy crawlies. I am walking in total darkness at 7pm. Visibility is like night diving without a torch light. It is freaky. Of course it probably isn’t like this in the city centre. It certainly wasn’t like this in perth city, although it was pretty much like this in the suburbs of south perth.

So…. Im trying to be understanding, given the fact that many aussies are actually very patient and considerate and understanding. But still, having come from a highly efficient system from Singapore, it still takes a bit of getting used to. A german girl having come from a system in Germany quite similar to that of Singapore also exclaimed in shock. So… maybe since they are still developing in certain aspects ya. Or maybe they just don’t see the need to be any more efficient than now.

Either way, I am enjoying the laid back lifestyle for the moment. Until all my assignments pile up, that is. lectures start tomorrow and tutorials/practicals the week after… so giddyup! yee haa..! 🙂

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