The excitement of being a student again…

17 Feb

It was orientation week. Having gone through so many sec 1 orientations in my sch, I was totally hoping the student association would not require us to shout and chant cheers and get water-bombed from all directions. In NUS, this kind of exciting thing was somewhat similar to Rag and Flag day, which I didn’t attend. Thankfully, it was only the hostels that had that kind of orientation ice breakers. The hostelites walked into the auditorium wearing personalized head bands, baby bibs, sun shade-kinda left over paper plate caps, etc signifying which hostel they were from/which group they were from. Its an identity-forming tactic I must admit. Makes ppl feel like they are together. And if anyone failedto do so, their face would be drawn with face paint. Anyway, the official orientation wasn’t as such. It was an information session, mostly common sense ones and things to do, which you would have already done if you had read the instructions in the email and actually done it.

At some point, the guy in charge asked, “so who here is under 25?”

And I opened my eyes wide… no no no…. don’t ask the next question!!!!!!

I looked around and like 97% of the students put up their hands. Crap!

“and…. Who here is above 25?”

Piece of shit!

I almost hung my head as I raised my hands, and then decided, there’s nothing embarrassing abt being older, and so I looked around to see who else was above 25. Well, about 15 out of 400?

The guy I was sitting next to and had been chatting with couldn’t believe it.

“you are above 25!? How old are you?”

“well, you guess..”




I shook my head.

“well you cant be older than 28?”

I shook my head. And said my real age. Honestly speaking, still feeling a little embarrassed. He had just turned 21. L L L L L

Anyway, I toured the campus with the post grad group and I chatted with a number of them. And I think I made friends with this german girl who seems nice. And chatted with this german guy who speaks in scientific terms… (damn it…. I should have studied the animals I saw while diving. Instead, I just saw them in a layman’s world.) so he talks abt lionfish and giant clams and spawning sea cucumbers and im just starting to worry abt how little background knowledge I have on all these things.

Anyway, market day arrives (where clubs and societies put up booths, and other Queensland/Townsville companies publicise their cause/programs) and I signed up to be in the mailing list for some stuff. I hope I get time to volunteer cos im not sure how busy I’ll be and I cant ascertain yet what busy means to the aussies. I also need to get my rescue dive certification if I want to do the module on Scientific Diving and Diving Physiology. And for my rescue certification, I need to have my CPR and first aid certification (which I have, but its outdated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and get my oxygen provider certification (which would be good to get anyway). I should find out how I can get out of doing the course all over again. I am CPR AED certified and a AFA lecturer afterall. Argh!!! i also need to get on the JCU Dive register so that i can help with research of other projects.

ive got an interview to attend on Saturday, and I hope I get it cos then that will be the first volunteer thing I will be involved in. if i do, i’ll be the most excited person in the world!!! its the Great Barrier Reef HQ Aquarium and boy, would i love to be involved in its programs! 🙂

so, that about sums up what happens this week. and things are going ok so far. next week when lessons start, that will be a huge thing. so… will update when i can!

goodbye from me for now… and Poppy!

ps: i miss singapore food! and my mom’s cooking! 😦 and cheap kss canteen food!


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2 responses to “The excitement of being a student again…

  1. lilian

    February 18, 2012 at 12:21 am

    Hi ms V, greetings from s’pore it seems like you are having tons of fun in Australia and dun worry age is just a no. and to your Bio Geniuses you are forever 21 😛 and since you are a child prodigy you will catch up with all the knowledge you need 🙂

    P.s you should have since the stuff toy i got for you. I bought it with you in mind 🙂 It a red cross turtle 🙂 Hope you get to see it the next time you come back to s’pore and lets meet up then:)

    Best wishes

    • misspegasus

      February 20, 2012 at 7:26 pm

      no lilian, ive decided to up my age to 25. i think its a decent age to tell ppl. :((((((

      life here is ok. but i think its gonna get stressful soon. with all my expectations of my assignments, weekly exams, projects and stuff…… i hope i have it in me to finish this. i have to get an average of 75% above if i were to be eligible to do a project/seminar next year…. which i think would be good if i do. so, there’s the target. a distinction or high distinction to be considered for the seminar. so thats gonna be alot of hard work. 🙂 things that i used to tell you guys, i gotta do it now. 🙂


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