planning my meals

30 Jan

little did i realise that while im spending time with family and friends, i forgot that there’s a whole bunch of food that im gonna miss! so, heres the agenda.

mon breakfast: nasi lemak
mon lunch: chicken rice
mon dinner: somewhere outside with family
mon supper: chinese rojak

tues breakfast: mee siam
tues lunch: crispy seafood noodles
tues dinner: mom’s cooking (havent chosen the menu yet)

wed breakfast: prata
wed lunch: hokkien mee
wed dinner: mom’s cooking (fried chicken wing, chicken curry with white radish and brinjal, long beans, cabbage)
wed supper: carrot cake

thurs breakfast: prata
thurs lunch: mee hoon goreng
thurs dinner: mom’s cooking (havent chosen the menu yet)
thurs supper: satay

fri breakfast: homemade sandwich
fri lunch: mom’s cooking (mushroom with potato, french beans, greens)
fri dinner: mom’s cooking (puri with dhal)

if you were leaving Singapore forever, what local dishes would you have before leaving? (just in case i missed out one of my fav foods… )

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