Dive Pulau Hantu

29 Jan

2 sundays ago, i went for my first dive in Singapore waters. ppl always say you cant find anything in singapore waters and ive always argued otherwise having done some intertidal stuff and seen many many many creatures on our shores.

but, well, i now understand why ppl would say such a thing. the visibility in hantu is beyond terrible. we had to use a torch light on a bright and sunny day. akin to muck diving. but still, that doesnt mean there’s no marine life in singapore.

i only managed to take a few pictures during both my dives and i must admit, if i go often enough, i’d probably get used to manouvering in hantu waters. the best thing abt the trip?

i saw my first seahorse! and it was just pretty. amazing. it looks like such a delicate creature, so gentle:)

here are the other pictures, and i apologise for the blur shots. i realise my macro function is not good enough.



dont know what fish this is…. might be a frogfish?


and some eel looking thing which someone said might be a large worm? i dont know… it looks like a snake body with a fish head…

check out hantu bloggers for better quality photographs and evidence that there definitely is marine life in singapore. you just got to give it a change. 🙂 you wont find the kind of 30m clear waters around, but, poor vis means less predators hang around, which provides quite a good hideout for alot of other creatures… so… yes, i shall check out hantu one more time when i come back in 2013. 🙂

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