a photo-video montage

08 Jan

as the date approaches, i cant help but feel a sense of heaviness. ive spent the first week in sch observing while trying to stay hidden. the usual first few weeks of classes bring abt a certain excitement in the staffroom. but i was going through some photographs to give to my cadets for the sec 1 CCA presentation and came cross many photos that brought a smile… and i thought i’ll share some of them.


we’ve achieved gold in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011…. through the efforts of all the trainers and cadets. its been a wonderful journey.

all their efforts culminate with POP.

this video of the rehearsal in 2007.

seeing them grow from being primary school kids at sec 1 to the leaders they are today. each year, POP appears to have a different meaning to different cohorts of cadets. perhaps the feeling is dependant on how much effort they have put in for their yrs in service. this photo is from the 2008 POP.

of course all of these woudnt have been possible without the officers/sncos who helped with the training.

but after training, what goes on in SJAB room is yet another thing.

i was also lucky to witness the corps’s 10th yr anniversary. while i didnt know the ex-sjab cadets, the many who came reminisced abt their times in KSS. they looked at the SJAB room (which has now sadly shifted to a new miserably small room), saw photos and videos of the past 10 yrs of SJAB in KSS.

Derrick aka Uncle Young Man who started the corps must definitely be thanked for his efforts. having a constant in an organisation is impt. and through all the handing overs, uncle young man has been a major support. his english however, is just terrible. to the point that some of them thought that the script written for him for the 10th yr anniversary celebrations must be shortened to save him from potential embarrassment.

of course what would sjab be without this woman who served 10 yrs before going to SSS. while i think it was fun to bully her, i think i was the one who got bullied more often than not!

well, to be honest, i feel sad. im leaving sjab under the charge of someone who seems quite different from beeleng and me. but well…. things always have a way of working out right…

NPD and other UG stuff

each year, i look forward to NDP cos thats the UGs showcase. week in and out, from the start of july, these kids rehearse under the hot weather to perfect their march. unfortunately, it doesnt always go as planned on the actual day. but it still doesnt discount the proud moment for the kids as they march past and march out the parade. this video is from 2011’s NDP.

Shunnie’s NCC POP and change of command 2009

leaders day is yet another proud moment as the exiting leaders pass on the baton to the incoming ones. here’s a shot of the leaders handing over from my fav 2009 batch.


Sec 1G 2006

Sec 2G 2007

Sec 3G 2008

Sec 4G 2009

Sec 5A 2010

with beautiful memories, a few of my happy times with this class included the Leaders Day segment where i had so many students with appointments.

as well as doing well for N levels.

and the YOG Class decor where we owned the entire sch!


my first cca in this sch was netball and it made me fall in love with the sport i never thought much of…

the 2006 B and C div girls were enthusiastic and serious bunch of players. and i hope they are doing well whereever they are.

Other classes

my time with other classes are just as fantastic. ive had the privilege of mtg and teaching really great students over the yrs. and i think ive learnt abt myself from teaching the different type of students..

my yearly bt timah fieldtrip with my bio kids

5NA 2011

3AB 2010

5NA 2009

there has been so many experiences that i can list, but it still wouldnt express enough how much i have gained from them.

ive enjoyed watching students play frisbee, i enjoyed going for tournaments to watch the kids ive taught fight it out on court. and i enjoyed supporting the SYF judging. its been quite a ride. 🙂

my overseas trips, the fieldtrips, maths trails, research projects, sch events, etc….. of course none of these would have succeeded without my fellow team mates. and so i have to thank the trs ive worked with over the yrs.

among other nonsenses that happen…. which made school an everyday-fun affair.

birthday celebrations at the then staff lounge was a norm…. and fun and funny too…

and my good good friend and mentor ms karen wong’s birthday when she was preggie with her no. 3.

thanks to all who have given me fantastic memories! my 6 yrs have not been wasted!

and with a few weeks left to leave, i will definitely miss the students and colleagues and our sch events. 🙂

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