many firsts, but still no whale shark

13 Dec

i know the reason why i’ve been putting off the posting of this trip. as i look at the photographs of the experienced UW photographers, i realise that mine are really no where near comparable. and that means, the next upgrade im going to do after my rescue certification is the UW photography course. and its impossible to get it done within the next 1 mth….

anyway, my recent trip to Krabi was excellent. all thanks to Steve who recommended Dive and Relax Dive Centre at Koh Lanta. I happened to liaise with Cameron, the person IC and he was very informative and helpful through all the email exchanges. He helped to settle airport transfer as well as accommodation.

i stayed at Thai house beach resort, which was supposedly cheaper than where Dive and Relax is housed (Lanta Castaway). still its just a couple of minutes walk away, and its a walk along the beach, so who complains? haha…

here’s a shot at the beach bungalows they have.

the streets of Koh Lanta are as how usual touristy Thai streets are…

the dive itself was wonderful. the team of dive instructors were experienced and were able to pick out quite a bit of things among the rocks…

in between dives, meals kept us going!

here are some of the photographs i took as we geared up and jumped into the waters!

puffer fishes were one a many! so many types (i still havent learnt to id them specifically)

bannerfish (my new fav fish!)

quite a few moral eels…

here’s one with a cleaner fish and boxer shrimps around it! haha..

school of batfish

finally saw the crown of thorns that ppl talk abt!

porcupine fishes!

so cute!

scorpion fish


im envious of his ability to maintain his buoyancy… ive got a long way to go to master my buoyancy.. and my DIs recommend that i should forget abt my camera first and focus on perfecting my peak performance buoyancy skill… i just cant bear to leave my camera on the boat!

lion fish!

my first spiny lobster

sea cucumber feeding!!

i did come across my first titan trigger fish at a close encounter.

my DMs at Blue Reef Scuba had warned me against them…. lucky this titan wasnt in a bad mood… i survived a possible attack!

not sure if this is a trumpetfish or a pipefish


it was a trip filled with many first! my first cuttle fish, lionfish, scorpion fish, etc…

even saw my first shark! a baby one. a black tip reef shark, and visibility happened to be bad at that time!

saw a flounder for the first time..

with all these things, you would think i might just be lucky enough to catch a whaleshark? no…. the sad part was, the Liveaboard divers that went down before us saw a whaleshark. they shouted to us, so that we were aware, but by the time we got down, we didnt see any…. sadly..

i did get stung by some stingers (cos i couldnt fin against the light current fast enough – talk abt stamina and technique). the photo of the dots of swell on my wrist was taken 10 days after getting stung… and thats when the itch started to stop… urgh…

evenings after the dives were great! went to Saladan Town on one night, and the streets sell pretty much the same things. headed down to see the sunset on another beach on another night…

perfect sunset. perfect ambience.

all thanks to Dive and Relax for the wonderful dive experience.

i would definitely recommend them to anyone who’s heading down to Koh Lanta. They provide excellent service!

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